25 Tips Every Mac User Should Know

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We spend far too much time tinkering with OS X, and over the years we've picked up countless quick tips that make spending 12 or 14 hours a day in Apple's OS a bit more bearable.

Have a look through our favorite tricks for the latest Mac OS X release, version 10.6 (aka "Snow Leopard"). From handy keyboard shortcuts to under-the-radar features, all of these tricks are accessible without downloading any additional software.

Tap to Click

When you're clicking thousands of times a day, that extra couple of millimeters required to click the trackpad button adds up. Turn on "Tap to Click" by going to System Preferences > Trackpad on your Apple laptop.

Power-Up Your App Switching

Most people know that hitting Command-Tab cycles through your currently running apps, but a two finger swipe or spin of the scroll wheel lets you quickly select the app you want with just a flick of your finger. While Command-Tabbing to move between apps, you can quit or hide an app while the cursor is over it by tapping Q or H.

Define Words Within Apps

In most apps, you can highlight any word and hold down Command-Control-D to get a pop-up definition from OS X's built-in dictionary. (Some third-party apps don't support this feature.)

Stealthily Hide Apps

Boss coming over while you're finishing up a game of Angry Birds? Tap Command-H to instantly hide the app you're currently using. Command-option-H hides all apps running in the background. You can also tap Command-Option-M to minimize all the windows in an app to the Dock. The completely desperate can tap Command-Option-Shift-Q to immediately log out.

Find Out Where You've Saved A File

In document-based applications like TextEdit and Preview, command-clicking (or right-clicking) the icon at the top of the window reveals exactly where the file is saved. It's handy for when you're not sure where you've saved something and don't want to search via Spotlight.

Dig Deep

If you're buried deep in your photo archives and need to quickly move back out, Command-up (or Command-[) on they directional keypad will pull you back a directory. Similarly, tapping Command-Down (Command-]) takes you deeper into the system.

Pull Up Your App Folder

Command-Option-A, tapped from anywhere in the Finder, whisks you to the Applications folder. Similarly, Command-Option-D opens up a new Finder window showing off your Desktop.

Open Files From The Dialogue Box

When you're in the open dialogue box in most apps, you sometimes want to actually interact with the file back in the finder. Usually, this involves hiding all the windows, navigating to the correct folder in the Finder, and generally too much clicking. Instead, while in the Open dialogue, just hit Command-R, and a Finder window will open with that file selected.

Source: http://www.21stcenturyfluency.com/

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Apple's air-expelling keyboard system

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A new patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office gives us another thought-provoking insight into Apple’s thinking behind sci-fi keyboard designs. Granted, only a fraction of their patents see the light of day. Moreover, those that don’t often file is vague, too broad conceptual ideas. Nevertheless, this one’s interesting on several levels.  Apple wants you to feel the keys before you hit them. The document entitled “Input Devices and Methods of Operation” proposes the use of air vents on keys (you read that right) coupled with a bunch of proximity sensors like the one inside your iPhone that prevents spray input from your face.


In some systems, feedback is provided before actual contact with the key expelling air from the input device proximate the key when user selection is imminent. In other examples, the tactile sensation results from automatic movement of the key in response to detected user selection of the key.

Another embodiment calls for a pneumatic system designed to pull the key away from you by “advancing the selected key in a direction of actuation in response to detecting user selection”. What do you make of this?


The described concept is pretty much useless in virtual keyboards where glass prevents air expelling. However, such a design could come in handy for really tiny keyboards where the individual keys are too close together, meaning one is unable to distinguish between the individual keys just by touching them with one’s finger. How small a keyboard, you ask? Really small – think iPhone small. Any suggestions? Meet us in comments. Apple credited this keyboard concept to engineers Aleksandar Pance, Michael Sinclair and Brett Bilbrey.
Source: www.patentlyapple.com   &   www.9to5mac.com

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iPad 2 info graphics_new facts about iPad 2

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Info graphics are a beautiful combination of maths, science, art and instruction, all rolled into one. I love the way these graphics convey often complex concepts in simple visual ways.


Source: www.appsineducation.com

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iPad 2 makeuseof guide

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This is a great guide about iPad 2 from Makeuseof.com.

This is a comprehensive guide written by James Bruce to get the most out of your new iPad 2.

ipad makeuseof1.png

iPad Guide
View more documents from KOSHA_iglassbox

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Apple is the world's most valuable brand

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Apple is the world’s most valuable brand in the post-recession world, says the latest 2011 Top 100 ranking of global brands by BrandZ, a Millward Brown subsidiary of advertising company WPP. The iPhone maker, which last year ranked third, knocked Google, the world’s most valuable brand in 2010. Apple emerged ahead other top brands from a variety of industries such as computers, automotive, telcos, banks and clothing, to name a few. The organization estimated Apple’s brand value at north of $153 billion, which shouldn’t be confused with Apple’s market capitalization that currently stands at cool $324 billion. Google’s brand value dropped two percent to an estimated $111.5 billion, enough to rank second.
Apple earned an 84 percent increase in brand value with successful iterations of existing products like the iPhone, creation of the tablet category with iPad, and anticipation of a broadened strategy making the brand a trifecta of cloud computing, software, and innovative, well-designed devices.
The BrandZ rankings were first published five years. Apple’s brand value in the BrandZ rankings increased 859 percent from just $16 billion in 2006, thanks to the successful business with iOS devices that helped Apple become the world’s most profitable handset maker and the biggest mobile devices company by revenue. Facebook ($19.1 billion), Amazon ($37.6 billion) and the Chinese search engine Baidu ($22.6 billion) also stand out as year-over-year performers. It’s interesting that Amazon is now the leading retal brand, having beaten Walmart with a 37 percent rise in brand value.  Dell fell off the list this year and Nokia lost 28 percent of its brand value, ending at the #81 slot with an estimated brand value of $10.7 billion. Car maker Toyota rebounded to the #1 rank in cars. Total value of the hundred brands on the BrandZ Top 100 list is an estimated $2.4 trillion.
Source: www.9to5mac.com

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iPad vs iPad2 Speed Comparison

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Are you wondering how fast the iPad 2 is compared to an iPad in real world tests?


This video of side-by-side speed tests shows typical iPad usage, things like booting, launching various apps, and shutting down. You’ll see the iPad 2 excels in most areas but lags, oddly, in shutting down. If you don’t want to watch the video, here are the raw numbers and the tests:

iPad 2 vs iPad Real World Speed Tests


  • Booting: 25.3 vs 28.6
  • Launching Infinity Blade: 10.6 vs 26
  • Launching Google Earth: 17 vs 20.3
  • Launch Garage Band: 3 vs 6
  • Launching Angry Birds: 8 vs 10.5
  • Shutting Down: 26 vs 12


Obviously this test is nonscientific and there’s nothing too groundbreaking here, but it’s interesting to watch anyway. Sure there are improvements in general speed and functionality, but I think we have yet to really see apps that really take advantage of the improved iPad 2 hardware specs.

Source: osxdaily.com

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iTunes 10.2.2 available now

Creativity | 2011. 4. 19. 15:08 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Apple has released iTunes 10.2.2 for Windows and Mac. You can download iTunes 10.2.2 for both the Windows and Mac OS from the link below. iTunes 10.2.2 comes with a number of stability enhancements, bug fixes and improved the overall performances.


iTunes 10.2.2 Chaneg-log

  • Addresses an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad.
  • Resolves an issue which may cause syncing photos with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to take longer than necessary.
  • Fixes a problem where video previews on the iTunes Store may skip while playing.
  • Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance.

Download iTunes 10.2.2

You can download iTunes 10.2.2 for Mac and Windows OS from the link below:

Download iTunes 10.2.2

You can find the update here, on Apple’s iTunes webpage or through Software Update on your desktop.

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The best way to find iPad2 availability

Creativity | 2011. 4. 14. 17:41 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Just about every morning I call several Apple Stores and ask about their current inventory and availability of iPad 2 models. Up until this week, stores generally had nothing in stock by the time they opened, and the store reps continue to tell me they have lines in the mornings. This has eased up slightly for the Verizon iPad 2 models, but the GSM and WiFi versions continue to be extremely difficult to find.


If you’re like me and you didn’t bother to order an iPad 2 online (silly, it would have been delivered by now), you’re left checking stock at resellers and generally crossing your fingers as you hope to get lucky in the midst of countless others doing the exact same thing.

Enter the iPad 2 Inventory Scanner, which is bound to improve your chances. All you need to do is enter your zip code and the model you are looking for, and the utility will check all nearby Target stores for any inventory of the model you specified. Yes, you read that right, it only checks Target stores inventory, but it is still very useful and one of my friends used this tool to track down an elusive iPad 2 today.


Check out the iPad Scanner at ChristianRadu.com

The web app is based off the finder links that appeared on MacRumors forums some time ago, but the interface is much more user friendly for quick searches. So if you’re trying to track down an iPad 2, check this out.

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Apple will take both hybrid e-paper and LCD for the next

Creativity | 2011. 4. 8. 07:57 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Patently Apple에 따르면 애플은 차기 내놓을 아이폰5와 아이패드3에는 현재의 LCD Display에 추가로 Hybrid e-paper (e-ink) 기능을 추가하여 사용자 경험 (User Experience)을 확장하고자 한다고 합니다.


LCD는 다 아시는 그 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display; 액정 디스플레이)입니다. 그런데 Hybrid e-paper 이라는 좀 생소한 말이 나왔는데요. e-book에서 활용하는 종이 질감이 나게 해주는 그런 전자 종이를 말하는 것입니다. 아마존의 킨들 (Kindle)이 대표적인 것이지요.


그래서 애플의 생각은 일반 영화 감상 등의 그래픽 기능이 필요할 때는 LCD 디스플레이를 사용할 수 있게 한다는 것이고 e-book, 신문 기사 등의 글을 읽을 때는 Hybrid e-paper 디스플레이를 사용하게 하여 정말 책을 읽는 것과 같은 느낌을 사용자들이 받을 수 있게 하겠다는 것입니다.


PatentlyApple 관련 기사 보기:http://goo.gl/szikA

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iPad 3 could be with air-venting system in its structure

Creativity | 2011. 4. 6. 01:35 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

아이패드2가 출시된지 한달이 채 되지 않았는데 그 인기는 상상을 초월하는 것 같습니다. 현지 미국에서도 구매하기 위해서는 한달 이상을 기다려야 한답니다.



이런 아이패드2 (iPad2)가 인기몰이 중인데 최근 애플 (Apple) 에서는 차기 아이패드3 (iPad3)에 대한 디자인을 연구 중이라고 합니다.



Patently Apple에 따르면 애플 (Apple)은 차기 아이패드3 (iPad3)의 디자인으로 점점 더 세련되어 지는 멀티코어 (Multi-core) 프로세서와 더욱 강력해지는 카메라 및 센서 등의 기능을 완벽하게 구현하기 위해서 차기 아이패드3 (iPad3) 뒷면에 공기 흐름 시스템 (Air-Venting System)을 도입한다고 합니다.

Apple의 특허 타이틀에 의하면 'Baffle System', 그래서 iPad3를 'Baffling iPad'가 될 수도 있다고 합니다.


위의 'Baffling iPad Design'에 대해서는 아직 확정된 것은 없으면 애플에서도 현재 장단점 (Pros and Cons)을 저울질 하고 있다고 합니다.

Baffling system으로 인해서 아이패드3 (iPad3)의 하드웨어 과부하 등에 대한 하드웨어 및 시스템 불안정 등은 해결될 수 있을 것으로 보이나,

Air-Venting system (Baffling system)으로 인한 기계적인 결함과 아이패드3 (iPad3)의 케이스 제작 어려움 등에 대한 단점들이 거론되어 한참 고민 중인 것으로 보입니다.


위의 Baffling system은 애플의 아이맥 (iMac) 뒷면 상단에 있는 Air-venting system과 유사하다고 볼 수 있으며, 모르긴 몰라도 애플도 아이맥에서 아이디어를 얻은 게 아닌가 라는 생각이 듭니다.

Source: http://goo.gl/N54aG

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