Falling from lift truck

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This accident happens a lot in KOREA too. I made some accidents materials like this case in KOSHA. In order for workers not to be involved in this kind of accident, they should use machines in the way that manufacturers of them instruct machines to use in their safety manual. The use of lift trucks are to move heavy loads to another place, not working in the upper places.

Amplify’d from www2.worksafebc.com
At a warehouse, a young worker new to the job was using an “order selector” type lift truck to access boxes from storage racking.
The lift truck’s manufacturer
warns against stepping off the designated operator’s platform. It also warns against modifying the lift truck.
The young worker was standing on this elevated site-built platform, reaching into the shelves. She had received only a short, inadequate orientation on operating the lift truck and was not using any fall protection system. She fell about 13 feet (4 metres) to the concrete floor, sustaining a serious head injury.
accident illustration
Safe work practices
Ensure that lift trucks used for order selecting
Use a properly secured personal fall arrest system
Ensure that fork-mounted work platforms are designed, installed, and used
Train workers according to the lift truck training standard before authorizing them to operate lift trucks.
accident illustration
More Information
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