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  1. 2011.03.31 Used Phone Recycling
  2. 2010.11.19 Google Docs Mobile Editing

Used Phone Recycling

Creativity | 2011.03.31 00:22 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This video shows a used phone ATM, called 'ecoATM'. All you have to do is to put your old phones into the ATM.

Then the ATM will do the rest of works, you can choose to donate and can get some cash back.


The ecoATM is an automated self-serve eCycling kiosk that uses patented machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate and buy-back used electronics directly from consumers for cash or store credit. ecoATM kiosks provide a convenient trade-in solution that electronically and visually inspects any consumer electronic device, pays consumers immediately in cash and/or store credit, and automatically administers trade-in / trade-up promotions for retailers and manufacturers.



According to CEA, the average U.S. household owns 26 electronic devices and spends $1,500 annually adding to the collection. Mobile phones account for nearly 150M devices retired annually. Simultaneously, there is a vibrant worldwide secondary market for these devices that ABI Research estimates at over $5B annually.


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Google Docs Mobile Editing

Creativity | 2010.11.19 03:02 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Google Docs now on you mobile. No matter where you are, with

your smart phone you can share, edit documents in Google Docs.


Google Docs Editing Goes Mobile

Google (Google) announced Wednesday morning that it has begun rolling out mobile editing for Google Docs (Google Docs). The update isn’t yet available for everyone, but it should be available to all over the next few days.


To date, only Google Docs spreadsheets have supported mobile editing. When the the update hits, all Google Docs documents will be editable on devices running Android (Android) 2.2 (and higher) and iOS 3.0+.


We’ve not been able to test it out yet, but Google has released a little video — as seen above — showcasing the new mobile editing capabilities of Google Docs.

Read more at mashable.com

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