iPhone 5 will be shipped in September 2011

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Apple’s next generation iPhone, presumably iPhone 5, will start shipping in September of this year, according to Reuters. No other information was provided, only that the new iPhone will begin production in July for a release some time in September.


Here is the tweet that Reuters sent out:

FLASH: Apple suppliers to start production of next-gen iPhone in July, Aug; begin shipping in Sept – sources

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iPhone 5 will be released this September with the same design

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The iPhone 5 will feature the same design as the iPhone 4, but include an A5 CPU, improved antenna design, and include a higher resolution 8 megapixel camera, according to a research analyst with contacts in Apple’s supply chain. The analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, also claims Apple will be ramping up production of the iPhone 5 in August for either a September or October 2011 release, suggesting the iPhone 5 will lag behind the date of WWDC 2011 by several months.


The analysts notes appeared on AppleInsider, which goes on to mention that a fall release of an iPhone 5 could push back an update to the iPod touch lineup, possibly due to component shortages.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a fairly accurate history of predictions regarding Apple products and releases. AppleInsider notes that Kuo accurately predicted that iPad 2 would have the same screen resolution as the first gen iPad, and that iPad 2 would include the same camera as the iPod touch. Additionally, MacRumors reminds us that Kuo was right about the redesigned MacBook Air that made an appearance last year.

It’s unclear if this report has any relation to rumors of a smaller and cheaper iPhone, which made the rounds earlier in the year from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Forbes.

Source: osxdaily.com & appleinsider.com

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Mac OS X Lion Preview Highlights

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Apple has recently announced the next update to the OS X operating system— OS X lion. The ideas for this update come from Apples features on iPad. Even without knowing that these ideas were geared around iPad features, it is quite apparent just looking at the layout of the new features that they are iPad inspired.


The first thing to talk about is the update to the track pad gestures. All of the new features are integrated with the new gestures; instead of the gestures being in application based. They now seem to be working through out the OS seamlessly. These new gestures for those who learn them and use them will really speed up their navigation. One example is swipe to navigate. This allows you, for example, to swipe two fingers and move between tabs in Safari. Another example is very iPad-like. Tap to zoom works just like iPad, tap and it will zoom custom to the content on the screen where you clicked.

The first new feature for Lion Os is Launch Pad. It is a utility that makes your desktop work just like the iPad home screens. You can navigate through them page by page ordering them by how often you use them. You can put your applications into folders just like the folders on the iPad, and iPhone. When you click a folder, the little black bar containing the applications in that folder is exactly the same as the open folder for iPad. The new gesture for Launchpad is a five finger pinch. You can then scroll from page to page by two fingers swiping horizontally.


The next big feature is Mission Control. Mission Control is basically an update to spaces and expose integrated into one feature when used with full screen viewing(discussed later). The gesture to bring up expose is a three finger drag up. Mission Control shows you as Apple describes it as “a birds eye view” of what is happening on your computer. All of the open applications come up, and you see all of the individual windows grouped together by application. Once you click on one of the application groups those windows come to the center and forward, (the other application window thumbnails shrinking) you then can choose which one of those windows to pick, or click outside of them to go back to all of the open windows.

The most iPad like feature of all is full screen applications. Basically you can set up your application windows so only one is displayed. To navigate between these full screen apps you simply swipe two fingers horizontally. It is a lot like application switching with multitasking from iPad, with easier navigation. It is basically like swiping between spaces but the spaces are dedicated to a single full screen application. iMail, iCal, iPhoto, and Preview have all become applications that can be used full screen.

The other features that are included in this update that are not iPad based are equally as useful, and user-friendly. These updates are Resume, Auto Save, and Versions.
Resume saves everything that you are doing on your computer. If you shutdown, or restart your computer, Resume can bring back up everything that you were doing— everything saved and where you left it on the computer. Auto Save does exactly what the name suggests. You no longer need to manually save a document you are working on. (This feature only works for applications built of OS X Lion.) Also it saves the document in one place, but multiple copies called Versions. When you open a document back up after previously working and closing it, Auto Save will take you to where you were when you closed the document. Versions allow you to see the changes that you have made to a document. You can browse through them just as you do with the current Time Machine feature. They appear in a scrollable stack. There is also a lock feature that allows you to prevent unintended changes to be saved.

Source: http://appletoolbox.com

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iPhone5 루머 총정리 (Complete synthesis of all the rumors about iPhone5)

Creativity | 2011. 4. 3. 20:48 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

iPhone5 (아이폰5)에 대해서 알고 싶은 모든 것

New design, brushed metal back, sliding keyboard, larger screen, contactless payments

위의 특징들이 여태까지 아이폰5 (iPhone5)에 대해서 많이 돌고 있는 루머들입니다.



아이폰5 (iPhone5) 주목할 만한 특징들 (The complete features of iPhone5 rumor roundup)


1. Better Camera: 8백만 화소 (8Mpx) 카메라

2. Without Home Button: Touch sensitive controls or button on one of edges

3. Bigger Screen: Between 4 or 5 inches

4. Better Resolution


5. Design: Same design as iPhone4 but Brushed metal back or New design with a reduced thickness, metallic back, and rounded off edges.


6. White Models: White models of iPhone5 will be available

7. Keyboard: Physical sliding keyboard

8. 64GB Models: Beyond 32GB, 64GB Models will be available

9. 1080 Full HD Videos

10. Low-cost models

11. No more internal storage


12. 3D Display: the screen of iPhone5 could handle the 3D display.

13. Better Battery

14. CDMA Model: iPhone5 will be equipped with CDMA chip.

15. R-UIM MicroCards Compatibility.

16. Two SIM card tray: iPhone5 could be equipped with 2 SIM card slots.

17. NFC technology


18. A5 Processor: Dual-Core A5 Processor

19. More RAM: iPhone5 could be with more RAM, 1GB RAM.

20. HDMI Output: HDMI output with 1080p HD support

21. 4G/LTE: iPhone5 could be compatible with 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) network

22. Voice Control: Enhanced voice control

23. Cloud Computing: A better cloud version of iTunes or better Mobile Me


23. iOS 5: iPhone5 presentation with iOS 5 launch

24. June or September: iPhone5 will be unveiled 2011 WWDC (June) or September 2011.


Original image download 1: http://goo.gl/b1LzG

Original image download 2: http://goo.gl/BzjdO

Source: http://www.nowhereelse.fr/?p=43523

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State of the iPhone in KOREA

Creativity | 2011. 1. 2. 17:19 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

State of the iPhone in Korea (1 Year After Launch)

To summarise, it says that since the end of last year

(when iPhones finally arrived in Korea):

  • The number of users has jumped from 200,000 to more than 1.62 million.
  • The number of people using SNS sites has risen 350%.
  • There are now 1.37 million people conducting internet banking through

    their smartphones (presumably not only iPhones). That’s an increase of 370%,

    with an attendant 300% rise in the amount of smartphone-based transactions.

  • 77% of iPhone users are in their 20s or 30s, 69% are in the Seoul metropolitan

    area, and 61% are men. (Only 36% are women, so what are the remaining 3%?)

  • The number of domestically produced apps in the app store has jumped

    from 2,367 to 7,475. Average data use per person has jumped 40 times

    to 507MB,

  • The number of IT-related start-ups for the year has leaped from 2,103 in 2008

    to 2,526 in 2009 to 3,067 this year.

    This is retrieved from http://co-up.com

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new MacBook Air

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This is new MacBook Air Apple recently launched. I saw it in the apple store at UNC.

Allegedly, It is very thin and light like a feather or an air.

But it doesn't have CD/DVD Rom and have SSD (Solid State Disk) which has the merit of

the speed of booting, but has limitations of storage capacity.




These pictures show the key features of new MacBook Air.

Just have a look at.

스크린샷_2010-11-17_오전_11.21.23.png 스크린샷_2010-11-17_오전_11.21.35.png





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