How to speedup YouTube on Mac and Windows

Creativity | 2011.04.11 19:40 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

How to improve YouTube Speed on Mac.

  1. Launch 'Terminal'


  2. Type 'sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts'


  3. Copy and paste the content of a file below



  4. Enjoy YouTube without buffering signals

This post is about How to improve YouTube service in Windows.

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How to make YouTube videos work on FireFox again

Creativity | 2010.12.10 06:31 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Recently, my internet browser, FireFox, couldn't play YouTube videos on it.

So I browsed on the web in Google and finally got it solved. Here is the tip

to make YouTube videos work on FireFox again.   


Videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player. If you're having

trouble playing and viewing videos YouTube, we suggest you install the latest

version of the Flash player: this will allow you to easily play YouTube videos.

Here's how to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe's Flash Player
1. uninstall any older versions
2. Please completely uninstall the version of Flash you're currently running,

    before upgrading to the most recent version. To uninstall Flash, follow Adobe's

    instructions, listed here. You'll need to download Adobe's official Uninstaller to

    remove Flash.
3. Once you've uninstalled the older version of Flash, you'll be ready to upgrade

    to the most recent version of Flash.

Follow Adobe's instructions for reinstalling the most recent version of Flash.
Once you've downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash, please exit your browser.



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Metal shop safety rules PT 2

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