Making iPad a video game in 1980s

Creativity | 2011.04.01 21:54 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

What a great idea it is! Making iPad a video game in 1980s.

It is called iCade. Simply, you insert your iPad in a portrait direction into iCade, then it turns out a traditional video game in 1980s.


This is how you do.

  1. Insert your iPad into iCade.
  2. Run iCade app and enjoy various arcade games



These are some specifications about iCade.

  • Hand-made with wood frame, MAME emulator
  • Free downloadable online games
  • Arcade stick and buttons
  • Single or 2 people can play
  • 2.1 Dolby speaker and Woofer
  • 10W USB power adapter
  • 크기:  9 inches width, 10 inches depth, 16 inches height

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