Introduction of URL shortening services

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URL Toolbox: 90+ URL Shortening Services
URL shortening
We know what you’re thinking. That many? Yes, we were surprised, too, but decided to plough through the seemingly endless supply of URL shorteners and put them all in one place. You’ll never have to use more than a handful, but now at least you know what your choices are.
a2n – An URL Shortening Service that can shorten up to 100 long URLs in one go. – Yet another simple service to create short URLs.
easyURL – Customizable URL Shortening Service.
EZurl – In addition to providing an URL Shortening Service
LNK.IN – You can create customized and password-protected shorten URLs with LNK.IN.
memurl – A simple service with features for shortening long URLs, using on websites, and browser plugins.
myurl – You can use this service to shorten long URLs
QuickURL – QucikURL is a URL Shortening Service with a browser addon.
Short URL – This is another simple URL shortening service.
TinyURL – A URL Shortening Service that offers a browser bookmark buttonRead more at


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