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There is a newer website called Wolfram Alpha that has gone public--

and has been compared to Google or even Wikipedia--but in actuality

it is not meant to do what either of those do.


Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. It doesn't do rearches;

it does computations. In this article I will explain a bit about how it's used--

so that you can see if it is the right tool to gather the data you need.


    • 1Wolfram Alpha ResultsWolfram Alpha Results

      Since Wolfram Alpha computes answers, you must

      query it with something that can be computed.

      Here, for example, I asked it for the population of

      Los Angeles. It returned the number and built a graph

      showing population growth over several decades.

    • 2Wolfram Alpha ResultsWolfram Alpha Results

      I asked it about AT&T stock. I got a huge page of

      results, including the current price, the business

      fundamentals about the company, recent returns,

      a price history, performance and comparisons,

      a daily return analysis, future projections and more.

    • 3Wolfram Alpha ResultsWolfram Alpha Results

      Wolfram Alpha does math, of course, even calculus.

      I didn't know how to ask it something about calculus,

      but I gave it a simple equation to solve.


    • 4Wolfram Alpha ResultsWolfram Alpha Results

      You can compare items with a forward slash (/) between

      them. For example, I typed GDP USA / China in the query.

      The results were expressed as an equation,

      a value and shown on a graph.

    • 5


      You can also use a plus sign (+) between items. For example,

      I typed blue+red and got results showing the color created by combining

      these two colors, along with a variety of ways to express the color mathematically

      in HTML. Complementary colors and a color triad were also given.


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