Discover books to match the website you read

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This is a great article about 'Book Discovery' that matches the website you read by Free Technology for Teachers.


Book Discovery is a browser extension that helps you find books that are related to the content of the websites you read.

With Book Discovery installed in your browser whenever you're viewing a website you can click "book discovery" and have a page of suggested books generated for you.

The Book Discovery extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The video below is a bit slow, but it does show how Book Discovery works.



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How to use FaceTime in the dark

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If you’re video chatting at night or in an area with limited lighting, you can brighten your face by opening up a blank white web browser window. This is obviously a really simple tip, but it’s kind of fun to see how surprisingly useful blank browser windows can be (like speeding up Safari on the iPhone 3G).


The simplest way to create a blank browser window is to open up about://blank which works in every modern browser.

The idea is probably taken from Photo Booth, which uses an all white screen as a virtual flash of sorts to brighten your mug when you take a picture (you can disable that by holding down the Shift key). I’m guessing it won’t be long until some developers start creating wrappers for FaceTime, iChat, and Skype to have this in some form of native app.

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The Website Creator for Mac 'Sandvox'

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What's New in Sandvox 2

Sandvox 2 has more than five dozen new features and major improvements. This represents a huge leap forward for anyone using a Mac to easily create powerful websites. All of the new features and improvements in Sandvox 2 are designed to give the modern website builder more flexibility than ever.


Under the hood, this new version introduces a completely new architecture and new editing engine, which allows you to mix and match “objects” on a web page in a much more naturally expressive and creative way. For example, photography and video can now both reside on the same page, along with text, custom HTML and whatever else you can dream up.

Sandvox 2 has also leapt into the realm of social media! Now with multiple points of Facebook and Twitter integration, you can keep visitors apprised of your status and drive more traffic to your website by making it easy for them to “tweet” about or “like” specific pages on your site.


Websites you build with Sandvox 2 are now more “modern” than ever before. Any page can pop up a photo gallery on a layer just above it to present a lightboxed slideshow. Hierarchical drop-down menus are automatically built by Sandvox 2 to help visitors navigate your site. Audio and video are playable in a way that’s accessible to just about every computer and browser out there — including iPad and iPhone.

And this is just for starters! New designs and design chooser, an all-new inspector, directly resizable images, drag-and-drop placement of objects on a page, and more!

And need we mention that this is on top of the amazing features that have been part of Sandvox all along: Live editing of your actual website, with no preview mode. Tons of designs to choose from. Everything you need to get your website built, no add-ons required. Easy blogging and podcasting. Build sites that are optimized for getting attention from search engines. And publish to just about any web host under the sun.

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Features of Sandvox 2

Pick a look.Choose from our extensive gallery of designs. Or go with another designer’s creation. Change your mind, change your theme. Learn more.


Mix and Match.
It’s the rule for a better website. Mix it up with text, video, photos, blogs, 
forms, sitemaps, Facebook, Twitter, or just about any kind of web object. Learn more.


Customize. Expand.Use a chunk of HTML PHP, or JavaScript. Paste an embed link or other snippet. Just because you don't have to use HTML doesn't mean you can't. Learn more.


FTP, SFTP, MobileMe, WebDAV... the choice of how, where, and when to publish is yours. Built-in archiving plus automatic RSS features make sharing your blogs and podcasts a breeze.


Sandvox 77 ways and tips
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