Instructional design about Augmented Reality instruction

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An instruction about Augmented Reality


I am hired as an instructional designer from a business training company ' Busitco'.
Busitco has struggled with new business ideas using swift changing technologies,
but nothing crucial has been brought on the table yet.
I am aware that there are many potentials for learning and training in augmented reality,
but most people in my company have no ideas about augmented reality.
So as an instructional designer in Busitco, the first project I have is to create
a self-guided instruction about augmented reality and its application to learning and training
in order for my colleagues to grasp some ideas about augmented reality and come up with
some applicable thoughts in learning and training.

Learners (A): employers and employees in Busitco. Their educations are diverse from high school and Ph. D.

1. Given the instruction about augmented reality, people in Busitco will know about augmented reality and its applications.
     The learners will understand the definition of augmented reality and can explain it to others.
     The learners will comprehend the needs for augmented reality in business training.

2. Given the instruction about augmented reality, people in Busitco will apply the idea of augmented reality to their businesses or fields.
     The learners will come up with some applicable ideas to their businesses by employing augmented reality techniques.
     The learners will use augmented reality in their real life at least once.

3. Given the instruction about augmented reality, people in Busitco will be confident in adopting new technologies and ideas to their businesses and lives.
     The learners will keep thinking of new business ideas by using new technologies.


To be continued...

Condition (C) and Degree of learning (D)

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Learning and Training in Augmented Reality

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I attended 2011 SITE conference held in Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville

Tennessee last week from March 7th to 11th.

I was one of authors presented a paper on 2011 SITE conference and did my

presentation about learning and training with augmented reality.


It was the first conference ever in my life, so I was kind of so nervous, but I practiced

a lot and did my presentation with 13 audiences.

My presentation was not that good, but my audiences were really interested in my

topic, 'Futuristic Learning and Training with Augmented Reality'.


After my session, 5 audiences came to me and said "It was a really good presentation"

"Your presentation was the best in this 2011 SITE conference.", "It is very informative."

"I have never known Augmented Reality before your presentation." etc.

I was so flattered after my presentation and was so happy.

Some of my audiences wanted to have my business card.


All in all, 2011 SITE conference ended up for me with a lot of inspirations for my

further study in Educational Technology. I will prepare for the next conference with

a different topic.


For those who couldn't or didn't my presentation about learning and training with

augmented reality in 2011 SITE conference, I recorded my presentation with slides and

voice. So enjoy my presentation and don't blame my poor English,

Let me know what you think of my topic and presentation.


Futuristic learning and training with augmented reality part 1



Futuristic learning and training with augmented reality part 2



Futuristic learning and training with augmented reality part 3



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TechTrends journal

Education | 2011.02.19 08:08 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is 'TechTrends' journal's paper submission site.

I recently submitted a research paper to TechTrends.

And I am looking forward to hearing from them with a good news.





This is the abstract of my paper 'Futuristic learning and training in Augmented Reality.


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Reflection papers of instructional design and technology

Education | 2010.12.18 03:28 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is my reflection papers of introduction to instructional design and technology

with a book 'Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology'

I divided this book into 5 units. Each unit has several chapters in it and

consists of like below.

Unit 1: Section 1 – Defining the Field (Chapters 1-3)
Unit 2: Section 2 – Theories and Models of Learning and Instruction (Chapters 4-9)
Unit 3: Section 3 – Evaluating, Implementing, and Managing Instructional Programs

and Projects and Section 4 – Human Performance Technology (Chapters 10-17)
Unit 4: Section 5 – Trends and Issues in Various Settings and Section 6

Getting an IDT Position and Success At It (Chapters 18-27)
Unit 5: Section 7 – New Directions in Instructional Design and Technology

(Chapters 28-32)

Instructional Design And Technology
View more documents from KOSHA_iglassbox.

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This is my grade this semester '2010 Fall'

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I took 4 subjects with 11 credits this fall semester 2010 and finally got my grades

for this semester this morning. I got 3 'A' (same as A+ in KOREA) and 1 'pass'

for the internship. What a beautiful morning it is !


 These are what I have done this fall for my first master semester.

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UNC 'Bringing Education To Life'

Education | 2010.12.10 07:45 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This videos are about University of Northern Colorado, 'Bringing Education To Life'.


UNC launched these 3 PR videos on national broadcatings in USA.

I think the slogan of UNC 'Bringing Education To Life' is great.




It is because they were founded in 1889 as a normal school where students were

educated in order to be teachers in Colorado.


Watch these 3 videos and recommend UNC to your friends or others.


University of Northern Colorado Part 1 in YouTube



University of Northern Colorado Part 2 in YouTube



University of Northern Colorado Part 3 in YouTube


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Milliken Elementary Presentation

Education | 2010.11.20 14:46 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

I had the second presentation about KOREA in front of students and teachers 

at Milliken Elementary School in Milliken.

This time I mad a bit of changes on my presentation and I thought this one

was better than last one which was held 2 weeks ago at Letford Elementary School.








I brought some korean things such money, seaweed, and some candies and gave them

as a present. They, especially students, liked it. I think I did better on time managing,

being familiar with my presentation content, and confidence with presenting without

being nervous.


This is KOREA_Cultural Day







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Sunset @ Greeley

Life & more | 2010.11.18 21:42 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

These photos are taken on the back home from UNC by my iPhone4.

Sunset was so beautiful, so I couldn't help taking pictures.






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UNC Online Education Website Open

Education | 2010.11.18 08:18 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

UNC Online, a new website offered through the University of Northern Colorado

Office of Extended Studies, will serve as the new portal to online education.



The site,, consolidates in a central location information

on UNC’s online courses and programs and provides resources for current and

future students. An audio and visual online course demonstration provides

an overview of how the courses work.

This fall, in line with national trends, more than 20 percent of UNC undergraduate

and graduate students enrolled in one of 235 online courses offered at UNC.

In addition to its Greeley campus, UNC offers programs online and at its three

established centers at Centerra in Loveland, Lowry in Denver and in Colorado

Springs — along with other revolving sites around Colorado.

There are multiple undergraduate and graduate online programs combined.

Within the past year, five graduate programs have been added and more online

programs are planned to be offered by summer. Some programs are entirely

online and some require occasional workshop or labs on campus.

“UNC continues to focus on increasing access to education for adult learners

who otherwise would not be able to fulfill their educational goals," said Patricia

Book, assistant vice president of Continuing Education and Academic Outreach.

"UNC Online exemplifies our commitment to making college education convenient

through flexible and accelerated formats to meet the needs of working adults.”

For more information, visit

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LEAP Summit @ UNC

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LEAP Summit at UNC (University of Northern Colorado)

There is LEAP Summit at UNC and Embassy Suite in Loveland.

LEAP Summit is a workshop for UNC students to motivate their leadership in their field.

LEAP is the abbreviation of Leaders' Engaging in Action through Passion.

It has 4 sectors during the workshop, LEAP Summit.

These includes Business, Education, Art, Environment.








Keynote speakers

Juana Bordas
Mestiza Leadership International, 2678 Clermont Street Denver, Colorado
Juana was the first president and CEO of the National Hispana Leadership Institute and founder of Mi Casa Women's Center in Denver, Colorado. For her contributions to women, she was initiated into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame and received the Wise Woman Award from the National Center for Women's Policy Studies. Juana was named the 2009 Unique Woman of Colorado by the Denver Post and the Colorado Woman’s Foundation. Her book Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age won the 2008 International Latino Book Award for best leadership/business book and puts forth a socially responsible model that resonates with America's growing diversity.

Travis D. Boyce, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Social Sciences
Dr. Travis Boyce is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Social Sciences. He is the coordinator for the Africana Studies Secondary Teaching Education majors and is serving as the Faculty in Residence for Wiebking Hall. A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Dr. Boyce earned a bachelors of Arts degree in history from Claflin University (Orangeburg, SC) in 2002, a masters of arts degree in history from Ohio University in 2004, and a Ph.D in cultural studies from Ohio University in 2009. He is a specialist in African American educational history, African American contemporary history and African American leadership. His research includes the history of African American college presidents and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) during the era of the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War.


Global Leadership Simulation Orbis Institute
Stephanie Webb, Director of Development
Stephanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver with degrees in Communication and English. She has been involved with Orbis Institute since 2007, when she participated in World Camp China as a teacher in Zhengzhou. After the program, Stephanie interned with Orbis. Stephanie has expressed her passion for the international community through travel to Australia, Europe, and Asia, and she also co-founded the non-profit Global Awareness Project in 2005. Stephanie has had the opportunity to be involved with various leadership development programs such as CU Denver’s Cancellor’s Scholars and Leaders and as an El Pomar Scholar. Stephanie Protsman - Director of Programs Stephanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with degrees in Communication, Italian, and a specialization in Leadership Studies. Stephanie’s teaching experience began with the Orbis Institute in 2006, when she participated in the first annual World Camp China program as a teacher in various cities throughout the Hunan Provence. Stephanie returned to World Camp China in 2007 as a Team Leader and teacher, and she has been involved with the Orbis Institute ever since. She continued to develop her passion for teaching while working as a Class Advisor for the Presidents Leadership Class at CU. Stephanie’s devotion to international education was amplified through her many travels that include extensive stays in seven countries, spanning four different continents.




Embassy Suite in Loveland

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