How to change 'Terminal' window background

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ou can quickly change the appearance of any Terminal window by using the Inspector tool. With launched and at least one window open, hit Command+i to bring up the Inspector utility, then click on the “Settings” tab. Here you’ll see a list of preset appearance options as well as any custom settings you have created and saved.


<Existing Terminal Window Background>


<Changed Terminal Window Background>

Changes take effect immediately, so click around and you’ll see instantly how things look.

If you’d rather launch a new styled Terminal window, you can so do from the Dock.


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Take a Timed Screen Shot in Mac OS X

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You can take time delayed screenshots in Mac OS X by using the Grab utility or the Terminal. Grab and Terminal are bundled with every Mac in your /Applications/Utilities/ directory, find them there or launch it with Spotlight (Command+Space). We’ll cover Grab first because it’s more user friendly and doesn’t involve the command line.


Timed Screen Shots with Grab

Once you’re in Grab: Pull down the “Capture” menu and select “Timed Screen” or hit Command+Shift+Z to bring up the timed capture alert dialog that you see in the screenshot above. When you’re ready, click on “Start Timer” and you’ll have 10 seconds to stage your screenshot before Grab snaps the entire screen.


You’ll notice Grab won’t be visible in the screenshot, which is nice otherwise the app would be kind of useless.

Time Delayed Screen Shots via Terminal

If you’re inclined to travel the more technical road, you can also take time delayed screen shots from the Terminal using the screencapture command:

screencapture -T 10 osxdaily.jpg

You can adjust the time to anything in seconds, that example is for a 10 second delay. The filename follows, which will be created in your users home directory unless you specify otherwise. You can see some more screencapture options here.

You’ll notice I say screen shot, but those coming to the Mac from Windows often refer to this process as “Print Screen” thanks to the little button on their old PC keyboards. Unless you time the pressing of that button, timed screenshots are a feature of Mac OS X only. Also you might notice in that screenshot that I’m hiding my Mac OS X menu bar, this is achieved through a 3rd party utility called MenuEclipse.


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VDT (video display terminals) 안전작업

Safety | 2011. 4. 28. 05:45 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

사무 자동화를 통해 영상표시단말기(Video Display Terminals, VDT) 가 대량 보급되면서 각종 업무에서 이를 활용하기 시작하였고, 점차적으로 사용 자들이 급증함은 물론 사용 기간이 늘어남에 따라 VDT 작업자들에게 나타나는 근골격계의 건강장해, 안과적인 장해, 전자파 장해, 기타 스트레스성 질환 등을 포함한 VDT증후군(VDT Syndrome)이 발생하고 있습니다.


이와 같은 많은 건강장해들 중에는 의학적인 인과관계에 있어 이미 작업 관 련성이 입증된 것도 있지만 아직 명확하게 그 원인관계가 밝혀지지 않은 것들도 있습니다. 컴퓨터를 이용한 반복적인 자료입력을 하는 경우 주로 목, 어깨, 손가 락 및 손목 등의 만성적인 동통과 감각 이상을 초래하는 누적외상성질환 (CTDs)은 그 중 가장 대표적인 건강장해 중의 하나이며, 이미 국내에서도 업무상 질병으로 인정되어 치료를 받았습니다.


영상표시단말기 작업

1. 용어정리 2. 주요관리대상 3. 위험요인 정보 4. 건강장해 정보 5. 점검을 위한 체크리스트 6. 건강장해 예방을 위한 관리지침

7. VDT 작업자를 위한 스트레칭 체조 8. 관리계획 세우기 9. 관련 법규 10. 참고문헌



본 자료를 비 상업적 목적으로 사용하는 것은 권장하지만, 상업적 용도로 복사, 복제, 전재 및 배포하는 것은 금지되어 있습니다.


VDT (video display terminals) 안전작업
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How to get a Mac Serial Number quickly

Creativity | 2011. 4. 26. 00:40 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

You can quickly retrieve any Macs serial number via the command line by using the following command string:

system_profiler |grep "r (system)"


The command results will look something like this:

$ system_profiler |grep "r (system)"
Serial Number (system): 739XXXX


If you just grep for “Serial Number” you’ll be presented with serial numbers to other hardware included in the Mac, which is why the “r (system)” qualifier is included.

Once you have a serial number, you can do things like check AppleCare warranty status and repair history.



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