How to use the reverse scrolling of Mac OS X Lion in Snow Leopart

Creativity | 2011. 4. 15. 00:13 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Reverse scrolling is one of those features that came along in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that surprised a lot of people, on a computer it doesn’t feel quite as normal as it does on a touchscreen iPad or iPhone, but once you get used to it, it’s good.


If you dual boot between 10.7 and 10.6 and you’re used to the Lion inverse scrolling, or you just prefer the way the iPad and iPhone scroll through documents and webpages, this app is what you’re looking for.


You can get Scroll Reverser free from the developer.

Click here to download Scroll Reverser 1.2


This app made the rounds a little while ago and I didn’t see a lot of use for it, but the more I use Lion the more I come back to Snow Leopard and find the scrolling differences strange to get used to. With this app, no more problems.


If you’re confused here let me explain: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion defaults to the way iOS scrolls through documents, this is the opposite behavior to Mac OS X 10.6 and before. If you hate the idea, don’t worry. Scrolling isn’t permanently inverted and the behavior can be changed through the Trackpad/Mouse System Preferences.

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Max OS X keyboard shortcuts

Creativity | 2011. 3. 30. 02:18 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

These are Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts to be useful for better jobs in Macintosh computers.


Start up hot-keys (press key while booting)

X = Force Mac OS X startup
C = Start up from a bootable CD
N = Attempt to start up from a compatible network server (NetBoot)
T = Start up in FireWire Target Disk mode
Opt-Cmd-Shift-Delete = Seeks a different startup volume
Shift = Start up in Safe Boot mode
Cmd-V = Start up in Verbose mode
Cmd-S = Start up in Single-User mode

Cmd-Opt-Esc = Force Quit menu
Cmd-Opt-D = Show/hide the dock
Ctrl-Eject = Bring up Shutdown/Sleep/Logout Dialog
Ctrl-Cmd-Eject = Restart immediately


Cmd-C = Copy
Cmd-V = Paste
Cmd-X = Cut
Cmd-A = Select All

Finder Navigation

Cmd-N = New Finder window
Cmd-W = Close Window
Opt-Cmd-W = Close all Windows
Cmd-Down = Open File/Folder
Cmd-Up = Navigate to parent
Cmd-Right = Expand folder (in list view)
Cmd-Left = Collapse Folder (in list view)
Opt-Cmd-Right = Expand folder and its subfolders (in list view)
Opt-Cmd-Up = Open parent folder and close current window
Cmd-Shift-H = Jump to your Home folder
Cmd-Shift-A = Jump to your Applications folder
Cmd-Shift U = Jump to your Utilities folder
Cmd-Shift K = Jump to the Network browser
Cmd-Shift G = Goto Folder…
Cmd-1 = View as Icons
Cmd-2 = View as List
Cmd-3 = View as Columns
Cmd-Space = Open Spotlight (OS X 10.4)
Cmd-Delete = Move file/folder to trash
Cmd-Click window title = Display the file path


Menu Commands

Shift-Cmd-Q = Log out
Shift-Opt-Cmd-Q = Log out immediately
Shift-Cmd-Delete = Empty Trash
Opt-Shift-Cmd-Delete = Empty Trash without dialog
Cmd-H = Hide window
Opt-Cmd-H = Hide Others
Cmd-N = File New window
Shift-Cmd-N = New Folder
Cmd-O = Open
Cmd-S = Save
Shift-Cmd-S = Save as
Cmd-P = Print
Cmd-W = Close Window
Opt-Cmd-W = Close all Windows
Cmd-I = Get Info
Opt-Cmd-I = Show Attributes Inspector
Cmd-D = Duplicate
Cmd-L = Make Alias
Cmd-R = Show original
Cmd-T = Add to Favorites
Cmd-Delete = Move to Trash
Cmd-E = Eject
Cmd-F = Find
Cmd-Z = Undo
Cmd-B = Hide Toolbar
Cmd-J = Show View Opts
Cmd = [ = Go Back
Cmd = ] = Go Forward
Shift-Cmd-C = Go to Computer
Shift-Cmd-H = Go to your Home folder
Shift-Cmd-I = Go to iDisk
Shift-Cmd-A = Go to Applications folder
Shift-Cmd-G = Go to Go-To Folder
Cmd-K = Connect to Server
Cmd-M = Minimize Window
Cmd-? = Open Mac Help
Cmd-Space = Open Spotlight (OS X 10.4)

Screen capture

Cmd-Shift 3 = Capture the screen to a file
Cmd Ctrl Shift 3 = Capture the screen to the clipboard
Cmd-Shift 4 = Select an area to be captured to a file
Cmd Ctrl Shift 4 = Select an area to be captured to the clipboard
Cmd-Shift 4, then press Space = Capture entire window


Universal Access

Opt-Cmd-* (asterisk) = Turn on Zoom
Opt-Cmd-+ (plus) = Zoom in
Opt-Cmd– (minus) = Zoom out
Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-8 = Invert Screen colours

Window Management

Cmd-W = Close window
Cmd-Opt-W = Close all windows
Cmd-M = Minimise window
Cmd-Opt-M = Minimise all windows
Cmd-H = Hide Application
Cmd-~ = Cycle through windows for current application
Ctrl-F4 = Cycle through every open window
Cmd-Tab = Bring up the Application Switcher.
Cmd-Tab = Cycle Forwards
Cmd-~ = Cycle Backwards
Cmd-Shift-Tab = Cycle Backwards
Cmd-Q = Quit application


F9 = Show all open windows on the screen at once
F10 = Show all windows for the current application.
F11 = Shows Desktop
F12 = Activates Dashboard
F12 (hold) = ejects disk


Opt-Cmd-D = Show/Hide Dock
Ctrl-Up = Move up one page
Ctrl-Down = Move down one page
Opt-Drag = Copy to new location
Opt-Cmd-Drag = Make alias in new location
Cmd-Drag = Move to new location without copying
Opt-Cmd-Eject = Sleep
Cmd-click window toolbar button (upper right corner) = Cycle through toolbar views
Ctrl-Cmd-D and mouse over word in Cocoa applications = shows Dictionary description for that word

This slide is also Mac OS X shortcuts, but this is Korean version.

Mac os x 단축키
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Mac OSX 10.6.7 update

Creativity | 2011. 3. 22. 21:10 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

There is Mac OSX 10.6.7 update available now. I have already finished updating it.

It is almost 10.7, which is 'Lion'. I have already had Mac OSX 10.7 Lion preview and installed it first.

But there was something wrong to a few applications with 10.7 Lion, so I downloaded it again. And I now have Mac OSX 10.6.7 updated.



These are the updating features (Mac OS X v10.6.7).

The 10.6.7 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, including fixes that:     

  • Improve the reliability of Back to My Mac     
  • Resolve an issue when transferring files to certain SMB servers     
  • Address various minor Mac App Store bugs


Go to update Mac OSX 10.6.7


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How to upgrade Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Creativity | 2011. 2. 26. 19:39 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

If you want to get have your system updated to the latest Mac OSX OS

– Mac OSx Lion, then that is very simple to achieve. Just make sure to

follow these simple steps.


1. First of all, you will need to have the Mac OSx Lion DVD inserted in your

DVD ROM. You can insert the DVD in the computer and then have the process

started when you will boot up OR you will be able to have the disk inserted

when the computer will be running and then the app will run.


2. After step one, the fun will begin. You will see that a big black X will appear

and it will tell you that you need to restart your computer. Also, make sure that

you will have at least 9 GB of free space, before you will commence with

installing the new OS and if you want to also have the Developer Tools installed,

then you will need to have 12 GB.


3. Now you will need to have your language chosen. Well, there is nothing special

here. You know what to do.


4. Continuing with the installation process, you will see that the Leopard welcome

screen will appear. You can read the “More information” section, but we both know

that you won’t. Everyone wants to have the OS installed as soon as possible.




5. Now, you will need to have the installation destination chosen. If you have

a MacBook Pro, then you will certainly have only one HDD and that means you will

have your choices limited by this. But if you are someone who doesn’t want to get

a straight upgrade on your computer, then just head over to the Options menu and

click it. There you will be presented with 3 ways for having your OS  installed.

You can install, archive or upgrade.


6. After making your option, your installation will begin. This is a point of no return.

If you are sure of the changes that you will want to make, then hitting the install button

will be just a good idea. If you want to change some settings, then just click the

“Go Back” menu and make the changes you wish to make.


7. Now you will jut need to wait until he installer will finish. The whole installation

process will take you around 1 hour to be complete.


8.After the installation is done, your computer will restart and then you will be

able to enjoy your new OS!

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Apple Mac App Store open

Creativity | 2011. 1. 7. 22:11 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

애플이 어제 2011년 새해를 맞이하여 대대적으로 맥 앱 스토어 (Mac App Store)를 오픈했습니다. 작년 말에 이미 알린 바와 같이 정확하게 2011년 1월 6일 맥 앱 스토어를 오픈했네요.

애플은 그간 맥 컴퓨터에서 쌓은 노하우를 아이폰 (iPhone)이나 아이패드 (iPad)에 적용해서

세계적으로 선풍적인 인기를 끌어왔으며, 이제는 'Back to the Mac'이라는 주제로

그렇게 해서 아이폰과 아이패드에서 배운 노하우를 다시 원래의 원천 기술인 맥 컴퓨터에

적용을 시도하고 있습니다. 그래서 맥 앱 스토어가 탄생하게 된 것이구요.


맥 앱 스토어는 기존에 애플 웹사이트에 있었던 소프트웨어 사이트가 확장 개편된 형태로서

맥 OS를 10.6.6으로 업데이트 해야 설치가 됩니다. 업데이트가 끝나게 되면 기존에

맥북 왼쪽 위에 있는 소프트웨어 업데이트 부분은 App Store로 바뀌게 되며,


맥북의 Dock에는 새로운 응용프로그램인 App Store가 설치되게 됩니다.


이번 애플의 맥 앱 스토어 오픈은 오는 7월에 새롭게 출시될 Mac OS X 10.7 Lion에서

선보이게 될 새로운 개념들을 맥 OS X 10.6.6에서 먼저 맛보게 되는 것이며,

Mac OS X 10.7에서는 아이폰, 아이패드에서처럼 컴퓨터에서 앱을 자유롭게 설치

삭제할 수 있게 됩니다.


With the Mac App Store, getting the apps you want on your Mac has never been easier.

No more boxes, no more disks, no more time-consuming installation. Click once to

download and install any app on your Mac. The Mac App Store is now available

as a software update for any Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard.


Great apps for your Mac. Right on your Mac.

The Mac App Store is just like the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

So it’s as easy to find and download Mac apps as it is to add your favorite magazine

to iPad or a new game to iPod touch. You can browse Mac apps by category,

such as games, productivity, music, and more. Or do a quick search for something

specific. Read developer descriptions and user reviews. Flip through screenshots.

When you find an app you like, click to buy it.


Install any app with ease.

The Mac App Store revolutionizes the way applications are installed on a computer —

it happens in one step. Enter the same iTunes password you use to buy music and

apps on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Within seconds, your new app flies

to your Dock, ready to go. So you can spend more time enjoying new apps

and less time installing them.


Keep your apps up to date.

Since developers are constantly improving their apps, the App Store for Mac keeps

track of your apps and tells you when an update is available. Update one app

at a time or all of them at once, and you’ll always have the latest version of every app.

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Mac OS X 10.6.5 now available

Creativity | 2010. 11. 12. 03:54 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This morning (11/11), Apple launched Mac OS X 10.6.5 update file on
Mac OS X 10.6 (Snowleopard) users can directly download from their Mac.

Included features are like below.
 * Improves reliability with Microsoft Exchange servers.
 * Addresses performance of some image-processing operations in iPhoto and Aperture.
 * Addresses stability and performance of graphics applications and games.
 * Resolves a delay between print jobs.
 * Addresses a printing issue for some HP printers connected to an AirPort Extreme.
 * Resolves an issue when dragging contacts from Address Book to iCal.
 * Addresses an issue in which dragging an item from a stack causes the Dock to not automatically hide.
 * Resolves an issue in which Wikipedia information may not display correctly in Dictionary.
 * Improves performance of MainStage on certain Macs.
 * Resolves spacing issues with OpenType fonts.
 * Improves reliability with some Bluetooth braille displays.
 * Resolves a VoiceOver issue when browsing some websites with Safari 5.
 * Improves Bluetooth pairing with Magic Trackpad.
 * Resolves performance issues with third-party displays that use InstaPort technology.
 * Add SSL support for transferring files with iDisk.
 * Resolves an issue when opening 4-up Photo Booth pictures in Preview.
 * Addresses keyboard responsiveness issues in the Dock when Spaces is turned on.
 * Resolves an issue syncing Address Book with Google.
 * Fixes an issue when replying to a Mail message sent by a person whose name contains certain characters such as é or ü.
 * Improves performance for users bound to an Active Directory domain.
 * Improves reliability of Ethernet connections.
 * Systems with a Mac Pro RAID Card (Early 2009) installed can now be put to sleep. For more information, see Mac Pro RAID Card (Early 2009): Enabling system sleep.
 * Improves reliability of fibre channel connections, resolving a potential Xsan volume availability issue.
 * Adds RAW image compatibility for additional digital cameras.
 * Security improvements; for information about the security content of this update.


The update brings numerous improvements and stability fixes, but there’s no mention of AirPrint; many believed Apple would enable AirPrint wireless printer sharing with iOS devices in the next OS X update.

Some of the improvements in OS X 10.6.5 include improved reliability with Microsoft Exchange servers, stability and performance enhancements in graphics applications and games, and a fix for the delay between print jobs, VoiceOver bug in Safari (Safari), and spacing issues with OpenType fonts. For a full list of improvements

To install the latest version, go to the “Software Update” section in OS X.


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