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  1. 2011.05.02 Take a Timed Screen Shot in Mac OS X

Take a Timed Screen Shot in Mac OS X

Creativity | 2011. 5. 2. 11:55 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

You can take time delayed screenshots in Mac OS X by using the Grab utility or the Terminal. Grab and Terminal are bundled with every Mac in your /Applications/Utilities/ directory, find them there or launch it with Spotlight (Command+Space). We’ll cover Grab first because it’s more user friendly and doesn’t involve the command line.


Timed Screen Shots with Grab

Once you’re in Grab: Pull down the “Capture” menu and select “Timed Screen” or hit Command+Shift+Z to bring up the timed capture alert dialog that you see in the screenshot above. When you’re ready, click on “Start Timer” and you’ll have 10 seconds to stage your screenshot before Grab snaps the entire screen.


You’ll notice Grab won’t be visible in the screenshot, which is nice otherwise the app would be kind of useless.

Time Delayed Screen Shots via Terminal

If you’re inclined to travel the more technical road, you can also take time delayed screen shots from the Terminal using the screencapture command:

screencapture -T 10 osxdaily.jpg

You can adjust the time to anything in seconds, that example is for a 10 second delay. The filename follows, which will be created in your users home directory unless you specify otherwise. You can see some more screencapture options here.

You’ll notice I say screen shot, but those coming to the Mac from Windows often refer to this process as “Print Screen” thanks to the little button on their old PC keyboards. Unless you time the pressing of that button, timed screenshots are a feature of Mac OS X only. Also you might notice in that screenshot that I’m hiding my Mac OS X menu bar, this is achieved through a 3rd party utility called MenuEclipse.

Source: osxdaily.com

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