3 pieces of playing guitar in corner music

Music | 2011. 3. 21. 22:00 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

I went to a guitar shop 'Corner Music' in Nashville Tennessee on March 11th 2011 and looked around guitars, especially acoustic guitars.


And I found the one I like, but it was too expensive over $1,000. I couldn't buy it because it was out of my budget.

I ended up not buying any guitars this time and played some songs, seeking consolation.

Now I am also planning another chance to buy a great guitar while I am in US.


슬픈 인연 (Crying Fate) by Nami, but this is a version by Donkyu Kim (김돈규)



슬픈 인연 (Crying Fate)


Now and forever by Richard Marx



Now and forever


More than words by Extreme



More than words

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Radiohead new album 'The kind of the limbs'

Music | 2011. 2. 22. 03:01 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

The band Radiohead once again set a new standard for album

releases in the digital era, by unexpectedly making available

its latest album The King of Limbs a day early.

Lotus Flower: http://bit.ly/hBOXjK


Not only that,everything  about this release was done via the Web

and independent of a record label.  Along with the early launch of

the digital version tonight, Radiohead posted the music video of

its first single off the album, 'Lotus Flower' - on, you guessed it, YouTube.


While the new album doesn't have the pay-what-you-like innovation of

its 2007 release, In Rainbows, it is notable that Radiohead went 100%

online this time. The announcement on Twitter and a special eCommerce website,

the video on YouTube. Plus, the social media reaction is astounding.


It's all happened so fast, too. Earlier this week, Radiohead announced on

Twitter that it would be releasing its 8th album via digital download on

Saturday 19th February. A physical, self-described 'Newspaper Album' is

to be released in May, featuring vinyl records, a CD and lots of art work. 

The announcement, itself unexpected, built anticipation - which was whipped into

an online frenzy tonight when the digital version was launched a day early.  

If this was a startup product launch, you'd have to call it masterful. Which is

exactly what Radiohead's new album release is. It's like they've just launched

a highly anticipated new app. How times have changed in the music industry.

No longer are music fans camping outside record stores waiting for the double

CD release of the new Guns n' Roses album at exactly midnight.

Nowadays the artist can do everything online and independent of record labels

and stores, announce it on Twitter and launch the first video on YouTube.

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Sting – Live In Berlin (2010)

Music | 2010. 11. 30. 03:58 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Sting's Live Concert in Berlin, Germany 2010.


This new and great album from Sting titled .::Live In Berlin::. (Live) . This genre of album is Pop .

09 – Shape Of My Heart : 192 Kbps

Read more at www.mvcenter.com

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Rihanna_Only Girl

Music | 2010. 11. 22. 21:52 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is a Rihanna's song, 'Only Girl' rock mix version. Listen and enjoy it.

Click here for more




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Ping gets social with twitter

Creativity | 2010. 11. 12. 03:14 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Ping, social music service by Apple, is hooked up with twitter from now on.

So enjoy your music favorites in twitter.



Apple’s social network for music, Ping, has unveiled a cross-platform integration

with Twitter that now allows users to connect their Twitter accounts and

automatically share their Ping activities to Twitter.

The collaboration also means that Twitter.com will now feature iTunes

song previews, and support song purchases and downloads directly

from tweets. iTunes song previews are available for all users

in the 23 countries where iTunes is available.

Ping users who connect their Twitter accounts will now automatically

share their Ping posts, likes and reviews on Twitter. The features are

turned on by default, but Ping users can also disable the auto-tweets

from within the settings portion of the iTunes social network.

Read more at mashable.com


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