iPhone5 (아이폰5)에 대해서 알고 싶은 모든 것

New design, brushed metal back, sliding keyboard, larger screen, contactless payments

위의 특징들이 여태까지 아이폰5 (iPhone5)에 대해서 많이 돌고 있는 루머들입니다.



아이폰5 (iPhone5) 주목할 만한 특징들 (The complete features of iPhone5 rumor roundup)


1. Better Camera: 8백만 화소 (8Mpx) 카메라

2. Without Home Button: Touch sensitive controls or button on one of edges

3. Bigger Screen: Between 4 or 5 inches

4. Better Resolution


5. Design: Same design as iPhone4 but Brushed metal back or New design with a reduced thickness, metallic back, and rounded off edges.


6. White Models: White models of iPhone5 will be available

7. Keyboard: Physical sliding keyboard

8. 64GB Models: Beyond 32GB, 64GB Models will be available

9. 1080 Full HD Videos

10. Low-cost models

11. No more internal storage


12. 3D Display: the screen of iPhone5 could handle the 3D display.

13. Better Battery

14. CDMA Model: iPhone5 will be equipped with CDMA chip.

15. R-UIM MicroCards Compatibility.

16. Two SIM card tray: iPhone5 could be equipped with 2 SIM card slots.

17. NFC technology


18. A5 Processor: Dual-Core A5 Processor

19. More RAM: iPhone5 could be with more RAM, 1GB RAM.

20. HDMI Output: HDMI output with 1080p HD support

21. 4G/LTE: iPhone5 could be compatible with 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) network

22. Voice Control: Enhanced voice control

23. Cloud Computing: A better cloud version of iTunes or better Mobile Me


23. iOS 5: iPhone5 presentation with iOS 5 launch

24. June or September: iPhone5 will be unveiled 2011 WWDC (June) or September 2011.


Original image download 1: http://goo.gl/b1LzG

Original image download 2: http://goo.gl/BzjdO

Source: http://www.nowhereelse.fr/?p=43523

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State of the iPhone in KOREA

Creativity | 2011.01.02 17:19 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

State of the iPhone in Korea (1 Year After Launch)

To summarise, it says that since the end of last year

(when iPhones finally arrived in Korea):

  • The number of users has jumped from 200,000 to more than 1.62 million.
  • The number of people using SNS sites has risen 350%.
  • There are now 1.37 million people conducting internet banking through

    their smartphones (presumably not only iPhones). That’s an increase of 370%,

    with an attendant 300% rise in the amount of smartphone-based transactions.

  • 77% of iPhone users are in their 20s or 30s, 69% are in the Seoul metropolitan

    area, and 61% are men. (Only 36% are women, so what are the remaining 3%?)

  • The number of domestically produced apps in the app store has jumped

    from 2,367 to 7,475. Average data use per person has jumped 40 times

    to 507MB,

  • The number of IT-related start-ups for the year has leaped from 2,103 in 2008

    to 2,526 in 2009 to 3,067 this year.

    This is retrieved from http://co-up.com

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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Job Seekers

Creativity | 2010.12.19 23:11 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

There are various programs offered by the Internet, but here

a list of the top 5 best iPhone apps for the job hunter.

Even as the financial system seems to be the last few months

to keep, there are still many people who want to earn a new

career, or simply a work of living. In any case, you can always

back up your iPhone is a CV, applying for a job interview

or even art.


1. Job Interview

It is one of the best iPhone apps for job hunters. Job hunting is

no use in itself, but it gives you interview tips, ace your interviews.

2. iSalary

It is also one of the best iPhone apps for job hunters.

Through this app you can calculate how much you are worth

per hour. Can you help find out how much you want to ask

about your next job.


3. ScanBizCards Business Card Reader

No doubt it is also one of the best iPhone apps for job hunters

as well as powerful program to keep track of all the business

cards you collect on networking and recruiting events.


4. iJob

It is also one of the best iPhone apps for job hunters.

Through this app you can detects your location and discover

site near your area. You can email job offers, sign up as well.


5. Job Compas

It is also one of the great invention for the iPhone users.

Through this app you can find jobs in your area. I do not know

about you but I hate long commutes. With this app,

you will hopefully find a job in your area.


Retrieved from: http://www.topintheworld.com/

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Top 5 jailbroken apps for iPhone

Creativity | 2010.12.17 02:03 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

The number of jailbroken apps are growing at a rapid pace

and it was not an easy task, so here you can see top 5 best

jailbroken apps list, but if you know that we all really cool

One Missed think adding it to your comment

1. Winterboard

It is one of the best iPhone jailabroken app. This is perhaps the most

popular jailbroken around ever. This allows you to download these

themes, and then the whole system. It also gives you some other

phenomenon control option to suit your jailbroken iPhone help.  

2. Flixwagon

It is also of the best iPhone Jailbroken app. If you’ve been using Qik,

you missed anything yet because Flixwagon does exactly the same

as Qik. To put it succinctly, there is live video transmission brings

on your iPhone. 

3. Cycorder 

No doubt it is also one of the best iPhone Jailbroken app. Now we’ve

all been looking over the iPhone is the lack of video recording capability,

It can basically do Motion JPEG with sound that is perhaps as good as

you could get video on iPhone.  

4. Pushr

It is also one of the best iPhone Jailbroken apps. It offers a Loit of the

regular features of Flickr, you can edit and upload images directly to Flickr.  

5. NES

It is also a great invention for the iPhone users. This program allows you to

run Nintendo ROMs right from your jailbroken iPhone. If you can handle

a pressure control, process it, most of your ROMs at almost full speed.


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5 much wanted features in iPhone 5

Creativity | 2010.12.13 15:33 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Apple is known to come up with remarkable gadgets that have

no match . After iPhone 4 people are now waiting for the next

release by Apple. iPhone 5 is yet to hit the markets and customers

have high expectations from it .The five much wanted features in

this upcoming phone are what we tend to review here. 


The launch of iPhone five has not been announced yet but people

tend to have a number of expectations from it . There are certain

characteristics that people want to see in the new iPhone,

they are as follows :



1. Larger screen:

The iPhone 4 screen may be an appropriate size but with competitors

working on making their screens bigger , it would be best for apple

to increase the size of the screen in  the iPhone 5. Customers would

be able to work on the phone more efficiently.


2. educed dropped calls:

Customers wish that the upcoming iPhone should give them the best

call quality and the issue faced by the previous iPhone in terms of calls

dropping better be eliminated with the use of advanced and better

technology be it inclusion of more antennas .


3. Improved call quality:

The call quality on the iPhone 4 has been questionable in terms of the

fact that not only is it  unclear frequent disturbance has also been

observed. Customers hope that the new iPhone 5 would come equipped

with an additional microphone that diffuses the noise.

4. Xenon flash:

Most phones come loaded with Xenon or LED flash , however iPhone 4

was the first phone by apple that had a flash . This may not be as efficient

as compared to the xenon flash but it has served the purpose.

Now we hope that the new iPhone’s that come into the market come

with xenon flash to improve the picture quality further more.


5. Technology to facilitate multitasking:

Most customers want to be able to multitask on their phone. However

the previous versions of iPhone were not compatible to do so.

According to apple doing so uses too much battery life , but due to

public demand it might be incorporated in the new version of the iPhone.

This is from http://bit.ly/ijLVPg 

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Best Camera Phones of 2010

Creativity | 2010.11.30 21:53 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Each year comes with quite a number of smartphones or range of models

developed by many mobile companies across the whole world. But there are

only few which stand out amongst others and get to the top list which is released

every year. Therefore, the ten best smartphones of the year 2010-11 in terms of

having the best camera with the spectacular results are mentioned below.  


1. Nokia N8


Nokia has used a unique camera lens in its smartphones and is quite successful with it. The camera consists of a huge image sensor with 2.8 sized aperture and a 5.9 millimeter focal length which results in quality photos. Apart from this, there is Xenon flash and many manual control buttons which can be used to change settings respectively.


2. Samsung Pixon 1.2


This smartphone by Samsung provides a very wide angular lens which is thirty millimeters in length. This enables the user to take a wide view of the surrounding or a scene and the settings can be adjusted from fifty to sixteen hundred on the resolution scale. Apart from this, the user can change the balance and the exposure while making a video or taking a photograph. The camera has got the capacity of twelve mega pixels but the image sensor is below par.


3. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


This smartphone is one of the best smartphones to have been launched by Sony Ericsson this year. Though a LED photo light is present but it does not produce quality results, but photos which are taken in the daytime are not bad at all. Apart from this, there is an eight mega pixel camera from which a user can take some good photos, though they may not be of superior quality. Read Full Review


4. IPhone 4


This smartphone from Apple has got a camera which is just good and the user has to switch between the control of white balance and metering. There is a LED flash which cannot be shut at any time and the auto flash is not quite brilliant as well. But a user can change the setting for the exposure which uses three shots to result in an impressive photo.


5. Motorola Milestone XT720


The camera which is embedded in this smartphone comes with plenty of shooting options and they include six shot burst shooting, face detection and a self-portrait option as well. The user can adjust the settings to change the white balance and get the best result through the photos Apart from this; there is a touch focus tool with which a user can change the metering and get a balanced snapshot through the camera.


6. Samsung i8910 HD


Samsung i8910HD smartphone is a bit different from other phones in way that it has got additional control settings for the operation of the camera embedded in it. This means that a user can adjust the setting of metering, ISO and white balance according to his requirement and this can range between hundred till sixteen hundred on scale.


7. HTC 7 Mozart


HTC 7 Mozart smartphone has got eight mega pixels camera present within it and quality of the photographs which are taken are impressive as well. But the level of brightness is not that good and the user cannot adjust the setting according to his requirement. Another aspect is that the quality of the colours is also not displayed in better and clear way.


8. Sony Ericsson Satio


Sony Ericsson Satio smartphone has got a twelve mega pixels camera present inside it. But this camera does have the manual control settings which may irritate the user when he is taking photos at any time. The ISO and contrast cannot be adjusted and are thus, not up to the standard as compared to other phones.


9. Sony Ericsson C905+


Sony Ericsson C905+ smartphone has got a modern and recent camera embedded inside it. But the disadvantage is that there are no control settings for exposure, metering, contrast and macro mode and therefore, it can be slow to operate whenever the user takes photos from it.


10. Nokia N86


Nokia N86 smartphone has got Carl Zeiss camera having a Tessar lens. The user can zoom to take pictures from ten centimeters and beyond with quite ease. But the user cannot take a long distance snapshot easily. 
In the end, one can say is that  the above mentioned smartphones are best smartphones to have been selected and that they are much better than the rest of the smartphones when reviewing the camera and its settings against the other phones.

Read more at www.topintheworld.com

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iOS4.2 Released

Creativity | 2010.11.23 22:17 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

The latest version of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS 4.2, is now available

for the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.             

OS 4.2 Now Available, Brings Multitasking to iPad

This version is especially important for iPad owners, as it brings over 100 new features from the last three version of iOS to that device, most interesting among them being support for multitasking. The feature enables users to keep several apps open at the same time and switch between them almost instantly, while preserving iPad’s battery life (which Apple refers to as “legendary”).


Other new features for the iPad include app folders, unified inbox, and the gaming social network Game Center. AirPlay and AirPrint are also here, with AirPlay bringing the ability to stream music, photos and video to Apple TV, and AirPrint finally enabling users to wirelessly print out content to AirPrint-enabled printers including the HP Photosmart, HP LaserJet Pro and HP Officejet.

Home Screen
Multitasking Bar
Game Center
Unified Inbox
E-mail Printing
Search in Web Page

See more at mashable.com

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Top 5 Best iOS 4 Apps for iPhone 4

Creativity | 2010.11.21 17:52 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

These apps are the top 5 best iOS 4 applications for iPhone 4.


Apple iPhone 4 has iOS 4 software for the users who provided absolutely free. These apps have more qualities than other apps. You can use your phone using this iOS 4 Software Update. Here in this article you can see top 5 best apps, I hope you will also like it.


1. Evernote


It is one of the best iPhone app as well as a great invention for the user. Now remember you can not, everything that has done in your life. Evernote is the entire notebook, in which you analyze the ideas and save. Snapshots, recordings and much more you can do in this software.


2. Pandora Radio


It is also one of the best iPhone app, and it is now on your iPhone. This software is looking for a lot of radio stations you may hear. You can search for favorite artists, musical place to enjoy a lot of songs.


3. LinkedIn


No doubt it is also very cool and useful app. If you are a trader then this software is absolutely right for you. You can connect with a qualified million in the whole world here. Linked In includes profiles, discussions, favorites, and invitations and much more to build your business.


4. Four Square


Four Square is also very useful app. This software can meet your daily requirements you will not find easy places. You can find your friends with easy way. They learn about common friend cal locations. This software is telling you where your friends are.


5. Twitterific


This app is also very useful for iPhone users. This social software has more features as you can connect with friends and share many things remain on the iPhone by using this software. You can look for a lot of messages and filters messages.

Read more at www.topintheworld.com




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