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Info graphics are a beautiful combination of maths, science, art and instruction, all rolled into one. I love the way these graphics convey often complex concepts in simple visual ways.


Source: www.appsineducation.com

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'SpicyNodes' interactive communication tool

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SpicyNodes is a way to visualize online information that mimics that way that

people look for things in the real world. Bits of information — such as text, links,

photos, and other media — are placed into "nodes," which are then linked together

in an appealing interface that invites exploration. SpicyNodes can be used for

everything from mind maps and content portals to organizational charts and

lesson plans. Visit our FAQ for more information.





Should you pay for SpicyNodes? It depends... SpicyNodes has been made freely

available by IDEA as a public service to encourage and support online communication

and educational efforts. Free members get a great way to share, and we want you

to use SpicyNodes. Paid memberships are designed for when you need more control.

Read why you should pay.



  • Story. SpicyNodes was developed out of a passionate belief that traditional ways

    of finding information aren’t always useful or applicable to information published

    on the Web, and that finding new information should be a fun, exploratory journey

    rather than a cumbersome chore. SpicyNodes also arose out of a core principle

    to enhance scientific, artistic, and cultural literacy by improving how people find

    and interact with online information, as well as to contribute to the information

    infrastructure of the Internet. Learn more about our story.

  • One idea. From one cool place. SpicyNodes was born at the Institute for

    Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA). Founded in 2002, this nonprofit

    organization recognizes the Internet’s potential to transform the learning process

    by making information accessible and engaging. IDEA is dedicated to identifying

    unique challenges that prevent the Web from reaching its educational potential,

    and developing creative, innovative approaches and technologies to solve those

    problems. You can support IDEA’s ongoing research by joining IDEA or becoming

    a SpicyNodes Organization or Enterprise member. Learn more about IDEA.

  • Who came up with SpicyNodes? A team of programmers, scientists, visionaries,

    and other creative people knew there was a better way to view information.

    They put their heads together and created the recipe for SpicyNodes.

    Learn more about the team.

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Relational Database Fundamentals

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Relational (Tables) Database Fundamentals
   * Information is everywhere in an organization   
   * Information is stored in databases 
   * Database – maintains information about
      * various types of objects (inventory),
      * events (transactions),
      * people (employees),
      * places (warehouses)   
   * Database models include: 
      * Hierarchical database model 
      * Network database model  
      * Relational database model
         * stores information in the form of logically related two-dimensional tables 

Entities and Attributes
   * Entity – a person, place, thing, transaction, or event about which information is stored 
      * The rows in each table contain the entities 
      * In Figure 6.5 CUSTOMER includes Dave’s Sub Shop and Pizza Palace entities   
   * Attribute (field, column) – characteristics or properties of an entity class 
      * The columns in each table contain the attributes 
      * In Figure 6.5 attributes for CUSTOMER include Customer ID, Customer Name, Contact Name


Keys and Relationships
Primary keys and foreign keys identify the various entities (tables) in the database 
   * Primary key – a field (or group of fields) that uniquely identifies a given entity in a table 
   * Foreign key – a primary key of one table that appears an attribute in another table and acts to provide a logical relationship among the two tables 


Relational Database Advantages
   * Increased flexibility 
   * Increased scalability and performance 
   * Reduced information redundancy 
   * Increased information integrity (quality) and information security 


Relational Database Disadvantages
   * High cost
   * Specialized staff
   * Increased vulnerability


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E-business models

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Generating revenue on the Internet  
   * Online ad (banner ad) - box running across a web page that contains advertisements 
   * Pop-up ad - a small web page containing an advertisement  
   * Associate program (affiliate program) - businesses generate commissions or royalties  
   * Viral marketing - a technique that induces websites or users to pass on a marketing message 
   * Mass customization - gives customers the opportunity to tailor products or services (Dell computers)



Online business payments include: 
   * Electronic data interchange (EDI)  
   * Value-added network (VAN)  
   * Financial EDI (financial electronic data interchange)

Measuring e-business success
   * Most companies measure the traffic on a website as the primary determinant of the website’s success   
   * However, a large amount of website traffic does not necessarily equate to large sales   
   * Many organizations with high website traffic have low sales volumes 
   * Website traffic analysis can include:  Cookie, Click-through, Banner ad, Interactivity

Ebusiness benefits include: 
   * Highly accessible  
   * Increased customer loyalty 
   * Improved information content  
   * Increased convenience 
   * Increased global reach  
   * Decreased cost  

Ebusiness challenges include: 
   * Protecting consumers 
   * Leveraging existing systems 
   * Increasing liability
   * Providing security 
   * Adhering to taxation rules

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Colorado Tour Information Site

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This site is about Colorado Tour Information.



Colorado Tourism Infomation
View more documents from KOSHA_iglassbox.

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