How to use FaceTime in the dark

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If you’re video chatting at night or in an area with limited lighting, you can brighten your face by opening up a blank white web browser window. This is obviously a really simple tip, but it’s kind of fun to see how surprisingly useful blank browser windows can be (like speeding up Safari on the iPhone 3G).


The simplest way to create a blank browser window is to open up about://blank which works in every modern browser.

The idea is probably taken from Photo Booth, which uses an all white screen as a virtual flash of sorts to brighten your mug when you take a picture (you can disable that by holding down the Shift key). I’m guessing it won’t be long until some developers start creating wrappers for FaceTime, iChat, and Skype to have this in some form of native app.

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VDT (video display terminals) 안전작업

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사무 자동화를 통해 영상표시단말기(Video Display Terminals, VDT) 가 대량 보급되면서 각종 업무에서 이를 활용하기 시작하였고, 점차적으로 사용 자들이 급증함은 물론 사용 기간이 늘어남에 따라 VDT 작업자들에게 나타나는 근골격계의 건강장해, 안과적인 장해, 전자파 장해, 기타 스트레스성 질환 등을 포함한 VDT증후군(VDT Syndrome)이 발생하고 있습니다.


이와 같은 많은 건강장해들 중에는 의학적인 인과관계에 있어 이미 작업 관 련성이 입증된 것도 있지만 아직 명확하게 그 원인관계가 밝혀지지 않은 것들도 있습니다. 컴퓨터를 이용한 반복적인 자료입력을 하는 경우 주로 목, 어깨, 손가 락 및 손목 등의 만성적인 동통과 감각 이상을 초래하는 누적외상성질환 (CTDs)은 그 중 가장 대표적인 건강장해 중의 하나이며, 이미 국내에서도 업무상 질병으로 인정되어 치료를 받았습니다.


영상표시단말기 작업

1. 용어정리 2. 주요관리대상 3. 위험요인 정보 4. 건강장해 정보 5. 점검을 위한 체크리스트 6. 건강장해 예방을 위한 관리지침

7. VDT 작업자를 위한 스트레칭 체조 8. 관리계획 세우기 9. 관련 법규 10. 참고문헌



본 자료를 비 상업적 목적으로 사용하는 것은 권장하지만, 상업적 용도로 복사, 복제, 전재 및 배포하는 것은 금지되어 있습니다.


VDT (video display terminals) 안전작업
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iPad vs iPad2 Speed Comparison

Creativity | 2011. 4. 26. 00:11 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Are you wondering how fast the iPad 2 is compared to an iPad in real world tests?


This video of side-by-side speed tests shows typical iPad usage, things like booting, launching various apps, and shutting down. You’ll see the iPad 2 excels in most areas but lags, oddly, in shutting down. If you don’t want to watch the video, here are the raw numbers and the tests:

iPad 2 vs iPad Real World Speed Tests


  • Booting: 25.3 vs 28.6
  • Launching Infinity Blade: 10.6 vs 26
  • Launching Google Earth: 17 vs 20.3
  • Launch Garage Band: 3 vs 6
  • Launching Angry Birds: 8 vs 10.5
  • Shutting Down: 26 vs 12


Obviously this test is nonscientific and there’s nothing too groundbreaking here, but it’s interesting to watch anyway. Sure there are improvements in general speed and functionality, but I think we have yet to really see apps that really take advantage of the improved iPad 2 hardware specs.


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5 best video sharing sites

Creativity | 2011. 4. 17. 23:04 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

These are the 5 best video sharing sites., YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Dailymotion.

1. YouTube

YouTube has reached a level of ubiquity in the video-sharing market that for millions of internet users, YouTube is not only how they were introduced to video sharing—it's also the only video sharing site they're even aware of. Videos uploaded to YouTube have to be smaller than 2GB, and they must be 10 minutes or shorter in length if you're using a basic account.


YouTube places no restriction on the number of videos you can upload as long as they follow the 2GB/10min rule. You can't edit your videos once you've uploaded them to YouTube, but you can annotate them with additional information and links. YouTube lets you embed and customize the player, again, for free.

2. is a video-sharing service aimed at people producing web shows. The site isn't designed for or marketed to people uploading single videos or viral-video content. The site is strongly oriented towards users producing continuous videos and includes revenue sharing to help independent producers make money—50% of the ad revenue from your content is shared with you.


Both the basic and the professional account are limited to file sizes of 1GB, but one of the benefits of the professional account is that you get priority conversion and additional conversion time per episode, which allows you to use higher quality video. The professional service is really only necessary if you're consistently uploading large amounts of long videos and want priority conversion, so the free service should cover the needs of nearly everyone besides people producing full out web-based television series.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video sharing service with a heavy emphasis on community and creativity. You can't host commercial content on Vimeo; instead, all uploaded content must be original and non-commercial. Vimeo accounts come in two flavors. The basic account is free and includes 500MB per week of uploaded video, including one HD video per week. You get three albums, one group, and one channel with basic accounts.


Basic accounts also let you embed and share your work as well as set basic privacy restrictions. Upgrading to the Plus account kicks your upload cap to 5GB, removes the restriction on HD movies, lets you embed HD movies, and gives you unlimited album, group, and channel creation. A Plus account also expands your privacy control and allows you to customize the embedded player.

4. Viddler

If you're put off by the length restrictions of some video-sharing sites, Viddler has no limit on length. As long as your file is 500MB or less in size, you can make it as long as you like. (500MB holds a lot of web-cam quality video.)


In addition to the 500MB limit, you're restricted to 2GB of storage and bandwidth per month. If you sign up for a partnership account, instead of a personal account, your videos are overlaid with advertisements but the storage and bandwidth restrictions are removed. Both the personal and the partnership accounts are free.

5. Dailymotion

Dailymotion offers two different accounts for content sharers. The basic account allows you to upload videos up to 1GB in size. If you're sharing original content, you can sign up for a Motionmaker account.


Motionmaker accounts are intended for the distribution of Creative Commons videos and allow you to upload HD content. Original content by Motionmakers is more aggressively promoted on the front page and through search results.


The technical information on the various video-sharing sites is usually buried in help files and not particularly clear in most instances. If you're basing your selection on a very specific aspect of the service like whether or not you can upload .mov files without converting them or whether or not the site supports 256kb audio, we'd highly recommend checking out this extensive set of charts on Wikipedia to see if the site meets your needs.

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Traditional Vidoe Games in iPhone with ATARI

Creativity | 2011. 4. 12. 00:27 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Many people remember traditional video games by ATARI. For example, 'Pong' is one the the most famous from ATARI video games.

I played it when I was in middle school. One of my friends got a personal computer in his home, so we went to his house after school and play it by turn. At that time, playing a video game by inserting a video game slot was the most exciting thing.


But now everything has been totally changed, we rare play traditional video games and play 3D games or mobile games in smart phones or tablets instead. A good news about traditional video games is that ATARI recently launched an App in App Store, so that people can download it and enjoy many traditional video games in their mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad.


ATARI's greatest hits download

ATARI is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972. It is currently owned by Atari Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French publisher Atari, SA. More about ATARI? Click here.


There are a few free games in the ATARI app 'ATARI's greatest hits'. You can also buy the app ($14.99) to enjoy fully functioned 99 ARATI games.

This is a free game from ATARI app, 'Pong', You can compare this with the picture above.




ATARI App Download

ATARI app review video

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General features of designing learning software

Education | 2011. 1. 1. 14:38 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is general features that instructors should take into account

when they develop learning software such as text, video, or web.




Use a short title page

Provide clear and concise directions

Allow user identification


Learner control

Use the mouse

Use keyboard also for more expert users

Use buttons for local controls

Use menus for global controls

Provide controls that are obvious and easy to use

Use cursor changes, rollovers, and confirmation with controls

Provide consistent position, appearance, and function in controls

Design controls in accordance with your users and your content

Make controls and directions for them visible only when available

Presentation of information

Be consistent

Use presentation modes appropriately (e.g., text, sound, video)

Text should be lean, clear, well formatted, and at an appropriate reading level

Use graphics and video for important information

Video should be short and controllable

Use speech to catch attention, give directions, and facilitate dual coding

Maintain good color contrasts, such as between foreground and background

Providing help

Procedural help should always be available

Provide context-sensitive help

Use rollovers as a form of constant help

Always provide a help button when help is available

Provide help in a manual for starting the program

Ending a program

Distinguish temporary versus permanent termination

Always allow temporary termination

Provide safety nets when the learner requests termination

Give credits and a final message at the end

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The 10 Most Innovative Viral Video Ads of 2010

Creativity | 2010. 12. 11. 01:06 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

I like these viral video ads and recommend you to look at.       

Everybody loves viral videos. That’s why they’re “viral.” Ad agencies have been

trying, in their own way, to replicate the success of viral videos to help their

campaigns get exposure and new fans. While some may miss the mark,

there are some truly great and innovative viral video ads out there.

For this year’s top innovative viral video ads, advertisers and ad agencies split

their goodness between web specific videos and great TV ads that did well online.

Regardless of origin, the top 10 videos share several traits worth noting. Every

creator knows his or her audience well and what executions appeal to them most.

The videos are also inclusive in tone, making you feel like you’re a part of the brand’s

message and experience.

1. NSFW. A Hunter Shoots A Bear!

2. Embrace Life

3. Guy Walks Across America

4. Old Spice Responses

5. The Puma Hardchorus

There are 5 more viral video ads available, so enjoy watching it.

6. Google Chrome Speed Tests
7. Swagger Wagon
8. There’s A Soldier In All Of Us

9. Write the Future

10. Master of business card throwing

See more at

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How to make YouTube videos work on FireFox again

Creativity | 2010. 12. 10. 06:31 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Recently, my internet browser, FireFox, couldn't play YouTube videos on it.

So I browsed on the web in Google and finally got it solved. Here is the tip

to make YouTube videos work on FireFox again.   


Videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player. If you're having

trouble playing and viewing videos YouTube, we suggest you install the latest

version of the Flash player: this will allow you to easily play YouTube videos.

Here's how to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe's Flash Player
1. uninstall any older versions
2. Please completely uninstall the version of Flash you're currently running,

    before upgrading to the most recent version. To uninstall Flash, follow Adobe's

    instructions, listed here. You'll need to download Adobe's official Uninstaller to

    remove Flash.
3. Once you've uninstalled the older version of Flash, you'll be ready to upgrade

    to the most recent version of Flash.

Follow Adobe's instructions for reinstalling the most recent version of Flash.
Once you've downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash, please exit your browser.



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