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  1. 2011.05.06 툴박스 미팅 (TMB) 필요성 및 방법
  2. 2011.04.16 5 web applications to save time at work

툴박스 미팅 (TMB) 필요성 및 방법

Safety | 2011. 5. 6. 21:17 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

TBM(Tool box meeting)은 현장에서 작업 시작전 짧은 시간 동안 동료 근로자들이 공구함 주위에 모여 반장에게서 당일 작업의 범위, 방법 및 안전상의 주의를 주고, 근로자의 요구조건을 들어 작업을 능률적이고 안전하게 하기 위해 실시하는 현장 위험예지활동입니다.


다음의 자료는 한국산업안전보건공단과 현대삼호중공업이 공동으로 개발한 자료로서 툴박스 미팅 (TBM)의 필요성과 방법에 대한 내용입니다.

툴박스미팅(Tbm) 필요성
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5 web applications to save time at work

Creativity | 2011. 4. 16. 01:16 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

These five free online tools make your work at offices better, faster, and more efficient.

These are simple, clean, and built to knock out those cumbersome work tasks, no downloads required.

  1. Zamzar

    1. There are few things more frustrating than receiving an important file that you can’t open. Zamzar is an online tool that can convert a wide range of file formats. Simply upload the file, choose the output format, enter an email address, and you’ll get a new version in your inbox. 


      Converting text documents may not seem like an incalculable feat, but Zamzar can translate many audio and video formats as well. Handy!

  2. Ge.tt

    1. Email attachments can be cumbersome, especially with larger files. If you’re looking for a dead-simple way to share in the cloud (especially if you’re still lamenting the death of Drop.io), give Ge.tt a go.

      Two clicks will upload your images, docs, zip files, etc. and generate a tidy link that you can ping over to your coworkers.


      They can view certain files in their browser or download whatever they need from the package.

      Ge.tt storage is temporary (unless you create an account), so use it for quick transfers, not cloud archiving.

  3. Ninite

    1. Setting up a new PC is a surefire way to kill your day. Connecting the cables and transferring your data is only half the battle. Then you need to hunt down all the apps you use regularly.


      Ninite streamlines the process. Check off all the browsers, readers and media players you need on your new machine and download them all in one shot via an automated installer. Best of all, Ninite eliminates the extra “junk” (toolbars, add-ons) that sometimes come packaged with common applications.

  4. CopyPasteCharacter

    1. If you work on any legal, scientific, or multi-lingual documents throughout the day, you may have a need to add certain symbols to the text that are not immediately available on your keyboard.

      You could go into the special characters map in your word processor, or if you’re feeling particularly nerdy, memorize the Alt key codes that you need.


      But better yet, why not throw open a browser tab with CopyPasteCharacter.com and snag your symbols with one click? You can even copy the HTML values if you’re working in code.

  5. LucidChart

    1. Need a visual aide to get your point across? PowerPoint has its flaws, and Photoshop requires some requisite skills even if you’re just doing the basics.


      LucidChart, on the other hand, is a drag-and-drop way to create impressive flowcharts and diagrams right in your browser. Pop your shapes onto the graph, pull down some arrows, add descriptions, colors and titles, and you’ve got a professional diagram you’d be proud to show clients.

      A free LucidChart account allows two people to collaborate on a document, 25 MB of online storage, and a maximum of 60 objects per document. Inexpensive paid options offer more collaborative and storage features.

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