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  1. 2010.12.31 Long time no see! SNOW!
  2. 2010.12.09 Loveland Ski Area in Colorado
  3. 2010.11.12 6 apps for skiing and snowboarding

Long time no see! SNOW!

Life & more | 2010. 12. 31. 13:47 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

I have been waiting for snow for a month or so. Unlike last year, snow is very rare.

But I finally met snow today. It was much enough about 6 inches.

I love walking with snow, playing on the snow, but not driving in the snow.

It is always better safe than sorry. Drive safely and enjoy the winter.






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Loveland Ski Area in Colorado

Life & more | 2010. 12. 9. 03:29 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

It’s What The Locals Know And Love 

The center, or core, is where it all begins and where it all comes back to

in the end. Over seventy years ago the founders of Loveland Ski Area

discovered the core of great skiing in this mountain – an abundance of snow

from October through May, varied terrain and a close, easy trip from the city

of Denver. Loveland has stayed true to what the founders discovered and

what current locals refuse to let go of – great skiing and riding. To us, the core

of great skiing and riding is uncrowded slopes, short lift lines, free close-in parking

and fresh tracks all day long and days after a storm hits. This is the essence of

great Colorado skiing and riding. This is Core Colorado. 

Check out Loveland Ski Area’s NEW website and while you’re there check out

the live cams, including one perched high atop the Continental Divide. Be sure to

sign up for e-snow news so that you can receive opening day alerts, event and

“insider” news and snow alerts each time we get some of that 400 inches of powder

we are so famous for. 



Mountain Information

Annual Snowfall: 400 inches / 1016 cm

Area: 1570 acres / 6353565 m2

Base Elevation: 10800 feet / 3292 meters

Summit Elevation: 13010 feet / 3965 meters

Vertical Drop: 2210 feet / 674 meters

Hours of Operation: 8:30am-4pm

Season Dates: October 2010 - May 2011

Best Known For

Loveland Ski Area is where Denver locals ski & ride. Sitting high atop The

Continental Divide, Loveland averages 400" of snow each season, more than

any Front Range or Summit County resort. Loveland is also just 53 miles from

Denver so it is a short drive from anywhere in the Front Range. While Loveland

has varied terrain for every ability, Loveland Valley provides beginners and first

timers with a separate base area and gentle slopes perfect for learning how to ski or ride.

This Just In

Loveland Ski Area was voted "Best Value" by the readers of Ski Magazine in their

2009 Reader's Poll. Loveland was also the first ski area in North America to open

for the 2009-2010 season. Loveland started the lifts on October 7, 2009 which was

the earliest opening in over 40 years.

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6 apps for skiing and snowboarding

Life & more | 2010. 11. 12. 07:43 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Winter is just around the corner. Those of you who love skiing and snowboarding are

pretty much waiting for snow and going skiing. There are useful applications

on your smart phones, so take a look and enjoy it.

If you’re dreading winter, you are most likely not a skier or snowboarder.

The same snow that strains shovelers’ backs, causes traffic jams, and turns to

black slush on sidewalks is actually fantastic when you’re sliding blissfully down a mountain.


Winter sports season is upon us, and, like everything else, there’s an app for that. Here are six of our favorite mobile apps for keeping track of resort conditions, navigating the slopes, and capturing evidence to back up your bragging rights.

1. REALSKI Augmented Reality


2. Vail’s EpicMix App

If you’ve ever needed to ask someone what chairlift you’re on, you’ll appreciate this augmented reality app. The app uses the iPhone’s compass, camera, and GPS to label points of interest that fall in your phone’s viewfinder.
If there weren’t enough reasons to be jealous of skiers and snowboarders headed to Vail Resorts, this winter’s debut of the EpicMix app adds another.

3. iTrailMap 3D


4. Snow and Ski Report by REI


5. Elevation Pro


6. snowEdge

See more at mashable.com


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