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  1. 2011.02.18 E-business models

E-business models

Education | 2011.02.18 06:25 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Generating revenue on the Internet  
   * Online ad (banner ad) - box running across a web page that contains advertisements 
   * Pop-up ad - a small web page containing an advertisement  
   * Associate program (affiliate program) - businesses generate commissions or royalties  
   * Viral marketing - a technique that induces websites or users to pass on a marketing message 
   * Mass customization - gives customers the opportunity to tailor products or services (Dell computers)



Online business payments include: 
   * Electronic data interchange (EDI)  
   * Value-added network (VAN)  
   * Financial EDI (financial electronic data interchange)

Measuring e-business success
   * Most companies measure the traffic on a website as the primary determinant of the website’s success   
   * However, a large amount of website traffic does not necessarily equate to large sales   
   * Many organizations with high website traffic have low sales volumes 
   * Website traffic analysis can include:  Cookie, Click-through, Banner ad, Interactivity

Ebusiness benefits include: 
   * Highly accessible  
   * Increased customer loyalty 
   * Improved information content  
   * Increased convenience 
   * Increased global reach  
   * Decreased cost  

Ebusiness challenges include: 
   * Protecting consumers 
   * Leveraging existing systems 
   * Increasing liability
   * Providing security 
   * Adhering to taxation rules

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