9 reasons to replace traditional online courses with games for learning

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1. Games give lots of choices to learners.


Games are doing a really good job for providing learning with a lot of choices.


2. It is what Amazon.com would do if they had your job.


Games customize your environments based on your profile or levels you are on a game.


It is just like the customization of Amazon.com in which you are provided with customized information about books and other products you are interested in based on your profile or your purchasing experiences.

3. There are no next buttons


There are 2 reasons that learners hate next buttons. The first reason is that it forces learners to be linear for thinking. It is like do this and this and this. Secondly, next buttons overuse context with too many materials for learners to read and do.


4. Cognitive psychologists dig it


The best instruction hovers at the boundary of a learner's competency (by Andy Disessa at Berkley graduate school of education).


<Zone of Proximal Development>

5. Sometimes it is good to fail


If you want to succeed, double your failure rate (by Thomas Watson, the founder of IBM).


6. Games immerse learners in context


For example, games do this. With this kind of games, learners know what to do and how to make it complete.


7. Get rid of learners once and for all


8. Games make data sexy




9. Nobody ever wanted to stay up until 2AM just to take your CBT one more time before going to bed.


Games are more fun and have surprises, collaboration, and most importantly mastery. If you master something, you would feel fun.

In other words, with games, 'Learning is the drug.' (by Raph Koster 'Theory of fun)


In short, there is no learning objective that can't be made into a great game.

But traditional online courses, there is no learning objective that can't be ruined by turning it into a 'nexter'.


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Traditional Vidoe Games in iPhone with ATARI

Creativity | 2011. 4. 12. 00:27 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Many people remember traditional video games by ATARI. For example, 'Pong' is one the the most famous from ATARI video games.

I played it when I was in middle school. One of my friends got a personal computer in his home, so we went to his house after school and play it by turn. At that time, playing a video game by inserting a video game slot was the most exciting thing.


But now everything has been totally changed, we rare play traditional video games and play 3D games or mobile games in smart phones or tablets instead. A good news about traditional video games is that ATARI recently launched an App in App Store, so that people can download it and enjoy many traditional video games in their mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad.


ATARI's greatest hits download

ATARI is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972. It is currently owned by Atari Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French publisher Atari, SA. More about ATARI? Click here.


There are a few free games in the ATARI app 'ATARI's greatest hits'. You can also buy the app ($14.99) to enjoy fully functioned 99 ARATI games.

This is a free game from ATARI app, 'Pong', You can compare this with the picture above.




ATARI App Download

ATARI app review video

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Making iPad a video game in 1980s

Creativity | 2011. 4. 1. 21:54 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

What a great idea it is! Making iPad a video game in 1980s.

It is called iCade. Simply, you insert your iPad in a portrait direction into iCade, then it turns out a traditional video game in 1980s.


This is how you do.

  1. Insert your iPad into iCade.
  2. Run iCade app and enjoy various arcade games




These are some specifications about iCade.

  • Hand-made with wood frame, MAME emulator
  • Free downloadable online games
  • Arcade stick and buttons
  • Single or 2 people can play
  • 2.1 Dolby speaker and Woofer
  • 10W USB power adapter
  • 크기:  9 inches width, 10 inches depth, 16 inches height

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Top 5 iPhone Augmented Reality Games

Creativity | 2010. 12. 30. 17:09 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Augmented Realty will be one of the most groundbreaking

technologies 2010/11, the real physical environment must be

combined with the camera with interactive digital data.

Thanks to him several big games for the iPhone in the App

Store has recently undergone. Augmented Reality Games have

been plenty since reached 3G. Here is a list of top 5 best iPhone

augmented reality games.



1. Parallel Kingdom

It is one of the best iPhone augmented reality game.

It is a mobile location-based extraordinarily multiplayer game

that uses your GPS location to you in a effective world instead of

(Google Maps) mounted on top of the real world with features

like a giant mechanism, a virtual assistance to the player leveling

nature, instant messaging with other players, trade conditions

and food and so on.


2. Sky victory

It is also one of the best iPhone augmented reality game.

It shows your physical environment in a tedious battleground.

Your iPhone is a true virtual reality show – it is a window into

a virtual 3D world full of enemy helicopters and jet bombers

coming at you from all angles in 32 increasingly difficult levels,

numbers and tactical formations.


3. TagDis

No doubt it is also one of the best iPhone augmented reality

game. It is the practical graffiti game you play in the real world.

You cam create your own street art, putting it in the virtual world

and against other artists to become king of the streets.


4. AR Girl

It is also a cool iPhone augmented reality game. It is the best

way to entertain your friends and listen to your favorite songs with

AR girls section 13 dance-types on your desk or even your hand.

You need to retreat or simply print the AR markers. Select songs

from your iPhone library and play AR dancing girls.


5. SpecTrek

It is also a great invention for iPhone users. If you do not like Ghost

Bastards SpecTrek so you can try an AR ghost hunting game

in which your world is an invasion of ghosts. It is your responsibility

to track these key people and catch it before they do harm.

The basic gameplay is simple: Hold the phone flat screen on the map.

Use the map to look for ghosts and navigate the area to approach them.

Keep your cell phone to open the camera.


More iPhone augmented reality games

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Augmented Reality Games

Creativity | 2010. 11. 21. 08:01 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

These AR games are for smart phone users. I found this site

while I browsing Internet for my research paper this year.


Best Selling Augmented Reality Games of 2009


2009 was the year AR games broke from the lab into the hands of consumers – and this post celebrates that achievement.


By Platform

Augmented Reality games have been developed for a multitude of platforms such as PC/Mac, Nokia phones, Windows Mobile phones, Android phones, PDAs with cameras, Nintendo DSi, and the Gizmondo.

By Genre


Another popular approach to group games is by genre. When it comes to AR games genres, there’s a bit more variety than platforms: this year we have seen mostly shooters, but also horror games, a treasure hunt, and even one driving game.


By Commercial Success

I would have loved to provide you with a sorted list of games by revenue. Unfortunately, this information is not yet public. My guesstimate is that the most commercially succesful AR game of 2009 was in fact released for the PSP – not the iPhone.

By Game Mechanic

The term “Game mechanics” is defined by game design scholars as “a construct of rules intended to produce an enjoyable game“.

360 Shooters

The top game mechanic of AR games on the iphone uses the compass and accelerometer (3GS only) to compute your orientation and overlay graphics on the iPhone screen as if the action is happening all around you in 360 degrees.
2) Arcade Reality
3) Mosquitoes
4) – ARGH – AR Ghost Hunter
5) Fire Fighter 360
7) Pandemica

See more at gamesalfresco.com







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