Mac OS X Lion to be distributed via Mac App Store

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The upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be distributed primarily as a download through the Mac App Store. This information comes from AppleInsider, who says the following:


The Mac App Store… will become the de facto method for obtaining the Lion upgrade, people familiar with the matter have revealed. Users will be able to upgrade instantly without the need for physical media by purchasing Lion through the Mac App Store.



Distribution of Lion through the Mac App Store for all users is not too surprising considering it’s the primary method for developers to download and install the Developer Preview releases. This is not to say that a corresponding DVD installer will not be released alongside the digital distribution. Last month, a placeholder for a Lion installation DVD showed up on German Amazon, and there continues to be a possibility that Lion will also appear on USB installer keys for MacBook Air and Mac Mini Server users.


Mac OS X Lion is expected to make a significant appearance at WWDC 2011 in early June.


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Mac OS X Lion installation methods

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Mostly DVD-ROM installation, possibly USB installation or Mac App Store installation.

The DVD may not be dead yet after all. It looks like Mac OS X 10.7 Lion may be offered on traditional DVD installation disks in addition to the more modern and fancy App Store download distribution and USB installer keys.

The possible leak comes from a German Amazon page (via CultOfMac) for the upcoming release of Mac OS X Lion, where mediatype is clearly specified as DVD-ROM (screenshot below):


It’s entirely possible that this placeholder is inaccurate or even a mistake, but Amazon does have a history of accidentally leaking release dates and software upgrades on their various worldwide online stores.

I should also point out that the idea of a USB key installation method is speculation based on the new MacBook Air Mac OS X install drive, and the distribution from the App Store is also speculated based upon the digital delivery of the Mac OS X Lion Developer Previews through the Mac App Store. It’s entirely possible that neither of these installation methods will appear and that we will only see a DVD installer, but with the MacBook Air and Mac Mini Server’s lacking DVD drives, those devices must be served with some form of installation method for Lion.

We’re almost certain to find out what exact installation methods we’ll get for Lion at WWDC 2011, which is just a few months away.


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Top 5 Best iOS 4 Apps for iPhone 4

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These apps are the top 5 best iOS 4 applications for iPhone 4.


Apple iPhone 4 has iOS 4 software for the users who provided absolutely free. These apps have more qualities than other apps. You can use your phone using this iOS 4 Software Update. Here in this article you can see top 5 best apps, I hope you will also like it.


1. Evernote


It is one of the best iPhone app as well as a great invention for the user. Now remember you can not, everything that has done in your life. Evernote is the entire notebook, in which you analyze the ideas and save. Snapshots, recordings and much more you can do in this software.


2. Pandora Radio


It is also one of the best iPhone app, and it is now on your iPhone. This software is looking for a lot of radio stations you may hear. You can search for favorite artists, musical place to enjoy a lot of songs.


3. LinkedIn


No doubt it is also very cool and useful app. If you are a trader then this software is absolutely right for you. You can connect with a qualified million in the whole world here. Linked In includes profiles, discussions, favorites, and invitations and much more to build your business.


4. Four Square


Four Square is also very useful app. This software can meet your daily requirements you will not find easy places. You can find your friends with easy way. They learn about common friend cal locations. This software is telling you where your friends are.


5. Twitterific


This app is also very useful for iPhone users. This social software has more features as you can connect with friends and share many things remain on the iPhone by using this software. You can look for a lot of messages and filters messages.





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