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  1. 2010.11.18 new MacBook Air

new MacBook Air

Creativity | 2010. 11. 18. 03:25 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is new MacBook Air Apple recently launched. I saw it in the apple store at UNC.

Allegedly, It is very thin and light like a feather or an air.

But it doesn't have CD/DVD Rom and have SSD (Solid State Disk) which has the merit of

the speed of booting, but has limitations of storage capacity.




These pictures show the key features of new MacBook Air.

Just have a look at.

스크린샷_2010-11-17_오전_11.21.23.png 스크린샷_2010-11-17_오전_11.21.35.png





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