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UNC Online, a new website offered through the University of Northern Colorado

Office of Extended Studies, will serve as the new portal to online education.



The site, unconline.edu, consolidates in a central location information

on UNC’s online courses and programs and provides resources for current and

future students. An audio and visual online course demonstration provides

an overview of how the courses work.

This fall, in line with national trends, more than 20 percent of UNC undergraduate

and graduate students enrolled in one of 235 online courses offered at UNC.

In addition to its Greeley campus, UNC offers programs online and at its three

established centers at Centerra in Loveland, Lowry in Denver and in Colorado

Springs — along with other revolving sites around Colorado.

There are multiple undergraduate and graduate online programs combined.

Within the past year, five graduate programs have been added and more online

programs are planned to be offered by summer. Some programs are entirely

online and some require occasional workshop or labs on campus.

“UNC continues to focus on increasing access to education for adult learners

who otherwise would not be able to fulfill their educational goals," said Patricia

Book, assistant vice president of Continuing Education and Academic Outreach.

"UNC Online exemplifies our commitment to making college education convenient

through flexible and accelerated formats to meet the needs of working adults.”

For more information, visit unconline.edu

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