Struck by steel beam (H빔 낙하 충돌)

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Young worker seriously injured by falling steel beam


Several workers were assigned to erect a transmission tower within a new substation compound.

The substation had been fenced off, and the work crew needed to lift the steel beams for the tower

over the fence with a mobile crane. As one of the largest beams was being lifted over the fence,

one of the two synthetic web lifting slings broke. One end of the 3,562-kilogram (7,853-pound)

beam fell onto a young worker, inflicting crushing injuries.




Safe work practices:

  • Provide workers who operate cranes and rig loads with the information, training, and supervision

    necessary to ensure their health and safety. Ensure that crane operators hold a valid operator's

    certificate and meet certification requirements, including competency in performing load chart calculations.

  • Ensure that all load weights are known before going ahead with any lifts.


  • Establish and enforce written safe work procedures for rigging and lifting loads. Include the following:
    • determining the appropriate rigging method, including the appropriate slings
    • inspecting slings for damage before use
    • a step-by-step process for rigging and lifting
    • the specific role of each worker during lifts
    • no standing under a load or moving a load over workers


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Struck By Falling Steel Beam
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