Samsung Galaxy Tab in AT&T

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To beat the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab arrived at AT&T store

starting from 11/21/2010. We can see both tablet ones in AT&T.



AT&T will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 21

for a recommended price of $649, Engadget has learned

through a leaked AT&T internal document.

The price and the launch date haven’t been officially confirmed

but the document and the information it contains seem legitimate.

A quick rundown of the pricing for the Tab reveals that you can

either get it for $599 from Verizon without a contract, or for $399

at Sprint and T-Mobile provided you sign a two-year service agreement.

At AT&T (provided the document below is genuine) you’ll be paying

$649.99 without a contract, but with the same pre-paid mobile

data plans you get when you purchase an iPad: 200 MB of data

for $15 per month or 2 GB of data for $25 per month.


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