Rotate MacBook Screen Orientation

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As people can rotate their screens in Windows with another application, people can rotate displays of Macintosh as well.

But for Macintosh, there is not any software needed to rotate the screen orientation.


<A normal screen shot of MacBook>


<A normal screen shot of Display pane in Preference of MacBook>


All you need is to press two more buttons than usual.

Here is how you can manage to rotate your MacBook display orientation.

  • Launch System Preferences (quit it if it’s already open)
  • Hold down the Command+Option keys and click on “Display”
  • Look for ‘Rotation’ on the right side of the Display window and take your pick

After the display has been rotated, the resolutions adjust from width x height to height x width.

Here’s a screenshot taken with the display on a MacBook Air set at 90° rotation.

You can see one more content, when you hold down the Command+Option and click on "Display". That is 'Rotate (회전)'.


<A rotate screen shot of Display pane in Preference of MacBook>



<A rotate screen shot of MacBook>

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