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Pogoplug is your personal cloud and allows you to make you home computers as cloud computers.

So you no longer need to pay for your cloud services. Once you get pogoplug in your home, you can use it as personal cloud, uploading as many kinds of media as you want and sharing and streaming in real time.


Pogoplug is much more than a standalone consumer electronics device. Each Pogoplug comes with a free online service for remotely accessing and sharing your files through any web browser or mobile device.

To use My.Pogoplug.com, simply type in your email address and password. You will immediately see all of the files stored on your Pogoplug enabled devices. You may then share, stream, upload or download to and from your Pogoplug connected hard drives from anywhere in the world - no technical expertise or advanced networking knowledge required.



The My.Pogoplug.com service is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. A free desktop application for both Mac and PC enables you to view Pogoplug connected files as if they were on a local drive, and also actively copies content you designate from your computer to Pogoplug drives. Applications for Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and Android offer similar capabilities, freeing your mobile devices from the constraints of small flash drives.

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