Online Journal Articles are Free in JSTOR

Education | 2011. 9. 9. 04:40 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Online Journal Articles are Free in JSTOR (JournalSTORage). There are hundreds and thousands of articles in JSTOR.

So a graduate student like me will really love it. Stop by JSTOR, Search it, and Get articles you need for your study right now.


This is a part of the original article about free access to JSTOR from Audrey Watters Blog.

A win for open access: JSTOR, an online database of academic journals, announced this morning that it was making all its early journal content freely available. This includes all JSTOR articles published prior to 1923 in the U.S. and prior to 1870 elsewhere in the world. JSTOR’s database includes articles from all academic disciples, and what’s been made freely available today represents about 6% of the organization’s content.

“We encourage broad use of the Early Journal Content, including the ability to reuse it for non-commercial purposes,” says JSTOR in its announcement. “We ask that you acknowledge JSTOR as the source of the content and provide a link back to our site. Please also be considerate of other users and do not use robots or other devices to systematically download these works as this may be disruptive to our systems.”


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