Indian hot springs @ idaho springs

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Idaho Springs has a population of 1,893 (and growing!) and is the largest town in

Clear Creek County. Idaho Springs and the Clear Creek County area offer many possibilities

for exploring the history of the area, recreational opportunities and other activities.


The Idaho Springs City Hall (shown at right) is the old Grass Valley School House.

In 1984 the school was due to be destroyed. The City of Idaho Springs bought the building

and had the school house moved to its current location. The building now holds City Hall,

the Idaho Springs Police Department and the Idaho Springs Municipal Court.








There are many hot springs in Idaho springs. Among them, I went to indian hot springs,

which was built in 1905. It is over 100 years old.

The building is quite old and looks like old but have something original about hot springs.

There are main resort rooms, inn room, lodge rooms, and cabin. It also has mineral water

swimming pool, cave bath, and private bath (like a small public bath in Korea).

For dinner, I went to an original colorado pizza restaurant in idaho springs.

Its name is Beau Jo's Pizza. The store has huge spaces and many people inside.

Pizza at Beau Jo's was so great with a big size.






Indian Hot Springs
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