Experience of AR (Augmented Reality)

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This web site and demo tool will let you experience AR (Augmented Reality)

in the real world. I found this site while I am researching data for my research

paper this semester. Once you have that experience, you will say "Wow!"


iNet - International Networking for Educational Transformation
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
Introducing learnAR, a new learning tool that brings investigative interactive and independent learning to life!
Biology: Organs

Augmented reality (AR)combines the real world with virtual content using a
simple camera such as a digital, video or web camera. To find out more visit


This demonstration of Augmented Reality shows the major organs of the body.

What you’ll need to see learnAR:
---------------- />
Flash Player 10

Flash player 10

Correct printed markers

Correct printed markers

A good quality webcam

A good quality webcam

A fast machine

A reasonably fast machine
(2.4 Ghz, DuoCore, 4GB RAM)


Read more at learnar.org

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