E-mail Commander 1.5.1 for Mac

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E-Mail Commander... We're all also aware of the painful redundancy of manually

sending a newsletter, set of seasons greetings cards, or wedding invitations

in order to achieve personalization for each message. E-Mail Commander brings you

up to speed and takes care of all that fuss — simply have your list of contacts ready!



Mail Commander lets you send out uniquely customized e-mails to everyone in your database. Insert variables in your contact database to further customize each message on the fly! Include current date/time, dates, nicknames, addresses, phone numbers, or pretty much any other field you could dream up. Even insert a special variable that'll write lines at random, or in sequential order.

With all this, you could hardly want for more, except we've also managed to fully integrate E-Mail Commander with Address Book to allow you to quickly send out your message to any group you've previously created.
WHAT'S NEW Version 1.5.1:

* New Feature: Redesigned the Export and Import windows.
* New Feature: Main window is now resizable.
* New Feature: View individual message content types in full size.
* Bug Fix: Import/export threads no longer access the GUI.
* Bug Fix: Fixed SSL connections.
* Bug Fix: After clicking Delete to delete checked lists, the window now closes.
* Bug Fix: Fixed importing from CSV.
* Bug Fix: Fixed new documents not opening on startup if a dialog was shown.
* Bug Fix: Fixed exporting to CSV/Text. No longer includes a funky UTF16 character at the start of the file.
E-Mail Commander 1.5.1 - Mac OS X
E-Mail Commander 1.5.1 - Mac OS X | 9MB
Download from HotFile :

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