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I got tired my desktop and login wallpaper today and went looking for a bunch of new ones. Instead of keeping them to myself, I’ve decided to share the wealth. Without further ado, here are 15 high resolution wallpapers that will make your desktop look beautiful again.

A few quick notes: Click on each image or the link below to get the full size. InterfaceLift doesn’t allow direct linking of images so you’ll need to click through and then select your desired resolution and hit the ‘Download’ button next to it.


Source: InterfaceLift

Source: InterfaceLift

Source: 2560×1440 at Imgur

Source: 3500×2500 at Wikipedia

iOS water drops
Source: DeviantArt
via us

Source: InterfaceLift

Source: Apple’s Snow Leopard Server Default Wallpaper
via Us

Source: 1920×1200 at Imgur

Source: InterfaceLift

Source: at InterfaceLift

Source: 2000×1300 at NASA

Source: Interfacelift

Source: Interfacelift

Source: SimpleDesktops
via OSXDaily

Source: NASA

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