Denver children museum

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I went to Denver children museum with my family on Wednesday, 11/24.

When I see Denver children museum outside, it was like the remodeling of a old factory.

But inside the museum, there are a lot of fun and things for kids to learn and play.



Entrance fee is $8 for 2 years through 59 years. only under 1 year is free.

1 year baby and over 60 years old citizens are $6.

The museum is rather small and has 2 stories. There are a fire station and a fire car

in the 1st story. the 1st story has also a big room for babies and their families.



On the 2nd floor, there are many more fun than the 1st floor.

It has an art room to paint, 'Do it yourself' room for children to make their own product

by using recycling things, and a bubble room for kids and adults.

I like this bubble room, so that kids and adults can make various bubble on their own.


Denver children museum is a bit small but has many things to do for kids and families.     스크린샷_2010-11-27_오전_6.01.36.png


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