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These wiki sites are best recommended wikis in terms of compatibility, functionality,

and easiness. Wiki is the most collaborative site especially for education settings.



Best Free Online Wiki 
For several weeks I have explored and shared both the Enjoyable and Disappointing of free, online wikis from the most popular to a couple of up-and-comers.
These highlights have consisted of the positives as well as negatives, the latter of which will hopefully be addressed by each respective wiki.

Wikia’s To Do

Reducing the sense of information overload and page clutter, will go a long way toward improving the overall Wikia User eXperience (UX). With so many choices, so much content, numerous ads, and an incoherent visual flow, one is forced to spend an inordinate amount of time scanning pages to find desired actions and navigation choices.
00 wikia_home

Wetpaint’s To Do

Wetpaint presents a very well refined and enjoyable User eXperience (UX) with the need to smooth out some rough edges

PBwiki’s To Do

PBwiki provides robust functionality for both editing wiki pages as well viewing those changes.

Google Sites’ To Do

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