Augmented Reality Marketing in car industry

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What do you think of a motor show? Many cars and racing models in a typical motor show. right?

But can you imagine a motor show without cars? There are hundreds and thousands of people in a motor show, but there is no cars at all.

This kind of situation are happening right now in a motor show, because Augmented Reality can make it possible.



Volkswagen, one of the most famous German motor vehicle companies, and an augmented reality solution company, ARWoks, have collaborated to an invisible motor marketing event in a motor show with Augmented Reality.

volkswagen_1.jpg      Screen_shot_2011-03-29_at_6.31.49_PM.png


To see what is going on this invisible motor event, all you need is a smart phone, or a tablet.

Basically, there is a marker on a stage and all you have to do is to take your camera on your smart phone or tablet.

Then a car image with augmented information will pop up on your screen. Have a look what is happening.


This explains about what kind of company ARWorks is.

'We are a creative development agency preparing Augmented Reality solutions for our clients. Let it be a marker based solution for a hypermarket or package based promotion or a treasure hunt game or simple 3d image design content for an outdoor festival – we are preparing the creative concept, develop the software background and manage the whole event, if necessary. We’re working on international playground – in AR you can be anywhere ☺ – and compete our international competitors with knowledge, creativity and costs.'


Click here to see the video


HD - A láthatatlan Golf/The invisible Golf from AR Works on Vimeo


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