6 tips about communication

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6 Tips for Communicating

Today we are overwhelmed with messages. Some are just 140 characters long. Others are much longer, but they are constantly bombarding us
Technology—-social media specifically—-allows for constant communication, but easy communication doesn’t necessarily translate into messages that are received, understood, and capable of driving action.
To help you get started creating presentations that stick with your audiences, here are a few tips on how you can incorporate repeatable sound bites:
Create crisp messages. Picture each person you speak to as a little radio tower empowered to repeat your key concepts over and over.
Craft a rally cry. Your rally cry will be a small, repeatable phrase that can become the slogan and rallying cry of the masses trying to promote your idea.
Coordinate key phrases with the same language in your press materials.
Use catchy words. Take time to carefully craft a few messages with catchy words.
Make them remember.

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