I have recently been stuck at the problem that iPhone won't save pictures and finally got the solution for the problem I have had a couple of days.
So today I want to share the solutions with you. Here are the 'how to fix' the problems.
There are 2 solutions for that, one for jail breakers and the other for non jail breakers.

The first solution is for the jail breakers.


1. Download 'Mobile Terminal' from Cydia
2. Execute the 'Mobile Terminal' and then Type these codes below one by one
3. su root
Password: alpine
cd /var/mobile/Media
chown -R mobile DCIM
4. Finally, you are good to go and take pictures again


This second solution is for the non jail breakers.

1. Create a Backup of your iPhone
2. Restore your iPhone to factory settings (NOTE: do not choose the backup, where it asks for the backup, just unplug the iphone.)
3. Take a picture, while the iphone is clear. The picture should save normally.
4. Plug the iphone back into your PC/Mac and save the picture.
5. Secondary click ( Right click) on your iPhone on iTunes and select to restore from backup. 
6. Choose your backup.
7. Restore
8. Take pictures

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