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  1. 2011.04.13 Augmented Reality Floor Plans by MagicPlan

Augmented Reality Floor Plans by MagicPlan

Creativity | 2011.04.13 05:57 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Augmented Reality is now used for floor plans of houses for people in real estate field.


Sensopia has released a new app designed to simplify the process of creating floor plans by using augmented reality. MagicPlan allows users to create an interactive floor plan of a house using the camera and gyroscope on an iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch to map out each room. The user simply stands in one place in the room and uses the camera to capture corners and doorway edges, even through furniture; the app uses this information to calculate the dimensions of the room and generate the floor plan.


The process is repeated in additional rooms throughout the house, creating individual floor plans for each room which can then be connected to each other to form a complete floor plan of the property. The app supports saving multiple floor plans which can be exported to PDF or JPEG or published on the web as interactive floor plans. Addresses can be automatically filled in using the iPhone GPS and several tutorials are included to get the user up and running.


MagicPlan requires an iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download. Non-commercial use is free and includes watermarks on published and exported floor plans; payment is required for commercial use at $4 per PDF/JPEG floor plan or $10 per web floor plan and removes all watermarks.

Step1: Take pictures of the corners of a room with iPhone4.


Step2: MagicPlan does the rest of works to create a floor plan.


No need to measure

No need to draw


No need to program

No need to move furniture


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