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  1. 2010.11.16 LEAP Summit @ UNC

LEAP Summit @ UNC

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LEAP Summit at UNC (University of Northern Colorado)

There is LEAP Summit at UNC and Embassy Suite in Loveland.

LEAP Summit is a workshop for UNC students to motivate their leadership in their field.

LEAP is the abbreviation of Leaders' Engaging in Action through Passion.

It has 4 sectors during the workshop, LEAP Summit.

These includes Business, Education, Art, Environment.








Keynote speakers

Juana Bordas
Mestiza Leadership International, 2678 Clermont Street Denver, Colorado
Juana was the first president and CEO of the National Hispana Leadership Institute and founder of Mi Casa Women's Center in Denver, Colorado. For her contributions to women, she was initiated into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame and received the Wise Woman Award from the National Center for Women's Policy Studies. Juana was named the 2009 Unique Woman of Colorado by the Denver Post and the Colorado Woman’s Foundation. Her book Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age won the 2008 International Latino Book Award for best leadership/business book and puts forth a socially responsible model that resonates with America's growing diversity.

Travis D. Boyce, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Social Sciences travis.boyce@unco.edu
Dr. Travis Boyce is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Social Sciences. He is the coordinator for the Africana Studies Secondary Teaching Education majors and is serving as the Faculty in Residence for Wiebking Hall. A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Dr. Boyce earned a bachelors of Arts degree in history from Claflin University (Orangeburg, SC) in 2002, a masters of arts degree in history from Ohio University in 2004, and a Ph.D in cultural studies from Ohio University in 2009. He is a specialist in African American educational history, African American contemporary history and African American leadership. His research includes the history of African American college presidents and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) during the era of the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War.


Global Leadership Simulation Orbis Institute
Stephanie Webb, Director of Development
Stephanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver with degrees in Communication and English. She has been involved with Orbis Institute since 2007, when she participated in World Camp China as a teacher in Zhengzhou. After the program, Stephanie interned with Orbis. Stephanie has expressed her passion for the international community through travel to Australia, Europe, and Asia, and she also co-founded the non-profit Global Awareness Project in 2005. Stephanie has had the opportunity to be involved with various leadership development programs such as CU Denver’s Cancellor’s Scholars and Leaders and as an El Pomar Scholar. Stephanie Protsman - Director of Programs Stephanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with degrees in Communication, Italian, and a specialization in Leadership Studies. Stephanie’s teaching experience began with the Orbis Institute in 2006, when she participated in the first annual World Camp China program as a teacher in various cities throughout the Hunan Provence. Stephanie returned to World Camp China in 2007 as a Team Leader and teacher, and she has been involved with the Orbis Institute ever since. She continued to develop her passion for teaching while working as a Class Advisor for the Presidents Leadership Class at CU. Stephanie’s devotion to international education was amplified through her many travels that include extensive stays in seven countries, spanning four different continents.




Embassy Suite in Loveland

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