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Nero, a software company known for its media suites, is launching a free app-based system on Tuesday that organizes and syncs media between multiple devices. Its Kwik Media Manager joins a host of other products that are aiming to free digital media from a particular device.

The manager provides a library for your music, video, photos and data that looks a lot like iTunes or Windows Media Manager at first glance. But unlike iTunes, which makes transferring files to multiple devices a pain, it makes transferring an iTunes library onto an Android device a matter of drag and drop between folders. The same goes for transferring video from a camera to an iPad or photos from multiple cameras to one photo library.


Kwik Media Manager also comes with basic editing tools like automatic red eye reduction, an easy slideshow editor, a video clipper and a disc burner that is free for a limited time.

Nero’s new system rivals products like Libox, Unifi and MediaRover that similarly transfer media between devices. But Nero is trying to do so on top of a basic editing and organizational structure. For the casual user, it could replace very basic photo and video editing programs, a slideshow creator and a library in one swift and free download.



One major way that Nero’s strategy is different from others is its app approach. While the basic software download is free, an app store that will eventually open to third-party developers sells additional features to more advanced users. For now, it’s filled with Nero’s best tricks. For $0.99, users can add a face-recognition app that searches photos based on who is in them. A Blu-ray player app costs $29.99. And the “move it” app, at $4.99, will automatically optimize files for the devices to which they are being transferred. This avoids a flash video being loaded onto an apple product or a tiny video being loaded to a larger device.

While Nero has previously powered a similar media manager solution for Dell and sells a MediaHome product for $40, Kwik Media Manager is a huge departure from the way that it usually does its business. And a smart one. Not only do users have an option to buy Nero’s full-priced multimedia suites within the app store, but they have options to spend what they want on the features that they’ll use.


Unfortuantely, Kwik Media Manager is right now only for Windows PCs, not for Macintosh.


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2011 Horizon Report (Ed. Tech.)

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The New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE are proud to present

this year's research in emerging technology!



The Horizon Report 2011 is available for download now at



This year, NMC took a look at six technologies the Advisory Board agree

are going to be widely adopted in the coming years.


The report covers mobile devices, electronic books, game based learning,

augmented reality, learning analytics, and gesture based computing.

The annual Horizon Report describes the continuing work of the NMC’s Horizon

Project, a research-oriented effort that seeks to identify and describe emerging

technologies likely to have considerable impact on teaching, learning,

and creative expression within higher education.


This video and report slides give an introduction to the report and what we've studied.

The full report can be read at:


2011 Horizon Report by NMC
View more documents from KOSHA_iglassbox.


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12 safety devices to protect your kids

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Each year, children are injured by hazards in and around the home.
The good news is that the risk of injury can be reduced or prevented

by using child-safety devices and reminding older children in the house

to re-secure safety devices after disabling them.
Most of these safety devices are easy to find and are relatively inexpensive.

You can buy them at hardware stores, baby equipment shops, supermarkets,

drug stores, home improvement stores, on the Internet and through mail order

catalogs. Safety devices should be sturdy enough to hinder access and yet

easy for you to use.
To be effective, they must be properly installed. Follow installation instructions

carefully. Remember, too, that no device is completely childproof; determined

youngsters have been known to overcome or disable them.
Here are some child safety devices that can help reduce injuries to young children.

The red numbers correspond to those on the image following the text.

  1. Use Safety Latches and Locks


  2. Use Safety Gates
  3. Use Door Knob Covers and Door Locks
  4. Use Anti-Scald Devices


  5. Use Smoke Alarms

  1. 3.jpg


To find out more safety devices, please download a pdf file below.

12 safety devices to protect your children

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