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  1. 2011.03.05 Back to the nature 'SteMac'
  2. 2011.02.23 How to open a new project in iMovie
  3. 2010.11.11 Reusable Learning Project

Back to the nature 'SteMac'

Creativity | 2011.03.05 01:39 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is my photograph project for my macbook 'SteMac'.

I took these photos in campuses of University of Northern Colorado. 


This is from the class 'Instructional Material Design'.

Back to the nature 'SteMac'_MacBook Photograph Project. 

Here is QR code for 'Back to the nature 'SteMac'. 


Back to the nature 'SteMac'

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How to open a new project in iMovie

Creativity | 2011.02.23 10:00 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

This is the way you should follow to, when iMovie doesn't open

a new project itself.

I have tried to open it a hundred times, but it wouldn't.

Finally I got a solution about this problem.


Follow these sequences.

1. Close iMovie
2. Go to Users > your account > Library > Preferences


3. Find this file: com.apple.iMovieApp.plist
4. Delete it.
5. Re-Launch iMovie.

    It will rebuild the Events Library, iPhoto thumbnails, etcs. And your Projects will return.

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Reusable Learning Project

Education | 2010.11.11 06:15 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건



The Reusable Learning project received initial funding from the National Science Foundation in Fall 2003 as part of the National Science Digital Library initiative (NSF DUE-0333590). The project will conclude in Fall 2005. The objectives of the project are to:
Develop Reusable Design Guidelines intended for content authors and digital repository managers. They provide a set of specific actions that can be taken in five areas to improve the reusability of digital learning resources. These guidelines, and other resources developed by the project, synthesize the body of research and practice that has built up in this domain.
Developing recommendations on how collections can expose reusable content in searches.
Disseminate these guidelines and recommendations, and train NSDL project participants on their use, through a series of workshops, and through the development of this web site and other resources.
All resources produced by this project are applicable to the entire educational community.
The following topics provide an introduction to the concepts of reusability, and the factors affecting reusability:
The Case for Reusability
What, How and by Whom
Introduction to Reusable Design
Factors Affecting Reusability
Granularity (or aggregation level)


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