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  2. 2010.11.20 Google's interactive book about the web

StudyBlue_Study Online

Education | 2010.11.30 04:23 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

What is StudyBlue?

StudyBlue is your online home to store lecture notes and make flashcards, with efficiency

tools that help focus your studying where you need it most, making your review sessions

more efficient. With StudyBlue, all of your study materials are accessible whenever and

wherever you choose to study – so study online and on your phone for effective,
productive learning. Free.


Increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Study only what you need to.
Focus valuable study time on learning concepts you haven’t yet mastered. StudyBlue keeps

track of what you know and don’t know, making your review sessions focused and efficient.


Make flashcards, study anywhere.
Rewriting concepts in your own words is a proven way to learn. StudyBlue flashcards are

fast to make and convenient to study – online, or on your phone.


There is no best place to study.
Study over breakfast or late at night – at the library or in a coffee shop. Do what works for you.

With StudyBlue, all of your study materials are readily accessible whenever (and wherever) you choose to study.



Productivity in education.

Inspiration for StudyBlue came from listening to students like you who long to apply the same

technologies to studying that you use every day to find information and communicate – your
laptop and, more and more, your smartphone.

You finally have online environment to access and study course materials anywhere, anytime –

along with web-based tools and services to help gain control and mastery of classwork.

Right here, and for free.



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Google's interactive book about the web

Creativity | 2010.11.20 15:24 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

Google launched an interactive book to teach everyone about the web. This interactive

book shows the fundamentals of browsers and the web, TCP/IP, HTML, etc. This one

might be interesting to people who are not familiar with Internet or computers.






Google Launches Interactive Book to Teach the Web

In an attempt to teach the average person about the fundamentals of browsers and the web, Google has released an interactive online book that explains concepts like, TCP/IP, HTML, browser extensions and malware.
The short book, 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web, is a step-by-step explanation of the web and how it works. It was created by the Google Chrome (Google Chrome) team using HTML5, but it also features a lot of clever illustrations by award-winning German illustrator and children’s author Christoph Niemann.
The focus of the book is on 19 different topics (plus a recap, making for 20 things). It starts with “What Is the Internet (Internet)?” and then dives into cloud computing, web apps, web programming languages, browsers, privacy, security and open source.

See more at mashable.com

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