My visual and discussion has been chosen one of good ones in class

Education | 2011.04.05 06:56 | Posted by 스마트 안전보건

I am taking Visual Graphics for Learning Class this semester and have one more unit to finish this semester.

For unit 5, I used SpicyNodes for discussion and created a hierarchy visual to show people hierarchy with words and symbols.

Finally, my works in both discussion and visual have been chosen one of the best for this unit 5, which was about organization of information.

This is what I think of the use of SpicyNodes. I believe that SpicyNodes ( could be utilized to introduce some topics and give people general ideas.



For my visual, I created a visual to show hierarchy by using words, shapes, and symbols. This is what I created.



This is the review of Unit 5 about information and visual organization skills.

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